New Mom-On-The-Go Survival Kit!

Hey, you're a new mom! Congrats- it's life changing in every good and bad way imaginable.

Getting out the door will now take you at least 15 minutes longer than it ever used to (add another 15 minutes onto that if you live in a wintery climate like I do)

1. The Diaper Bag- Make sure its big enough to fit everything you might need (including your purse!), sturdy, wipeable/washable and not too expensive! (youll likely end up going through a few!)
Get a good diaper bag, big enough to fit your purse AND all the baby essentials you will be hauling:)
2. The Baby Changing Kit- Gotta change a bum on the go? Be prepared!

  • Stock your "baby bag" with a few onesies because you are guaranteed to have at least one diaper explosion/unplanned spit up during your travels.
  •  Keep a travel sized package of wet wipes and diaper wipes in your bag (the wet wipes are for messy hands, cleaning spit-up out of your hair, etc.; the diaper wipes are self-explanitoryI hope!)- even if you cloth diaper, a few disposable diapers are handy! 
  • A small, travel sized bottle of hand sanitizer stuck into the side pocket of your diaper bag for all those times you end up changing a diaper in the backseat of your car and have no where to wash your hands!
  • Vaseline for those cute baby bums:) 

3. Burp Cloths- I never knew the importance of these until I had my first son, who spit up EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME. Keep a few fresh, clean burp cloths on hand at all times.

4.  The Keep Baby Busy Kit- Once your baby starts moving and noticing things around them, sneaking in a coffee or chatting with a friend will become much more difficult. Include a few different items that your child likes such as:  

  • colourful, stroller-safe toys
  • mum-mums or Cherrios to munch on
  •  sensory books
  • shatter proof mirror
  • anything that jingles and is bright, colourful and fun:)
5. Mommy Kit- Listen up, you are important too! Make sure you have some essentials in that bag, including:

  • pack a few healthy on-the-go snacks that can STAY in your bag (no refrigeration required) such as: protein bars (my favourite is the LaraBar- all natural, non-GMO, vegan friendly), granola bars or an apple. 
  • include some travel sized deoderant, mouthwash, gum, and hair ties- anything to help you freshen up (just in case you forgot to, ahem, shower that morning!)
  • lip gloss/chapstick/anything else you can apply in a pinch!
  • don't forget to throw in a magazine or something to keep you busy while you're waiting for your baby to wake up from that inevitable car nap!
Everything you need: all packed into zipper bags so they are ready to go at a moment's notice!
6. Zipper Bags/Plastic Bags- For all those times you end up changing a diaper on the park bench or mopping up spilled milk with your burp cloths, keep a few sealable bag or old plastic bags (from the grocery store) on hand. They make the perfect protective carrying case for any item you may need to wash/dispose of once you get home!

7. Coffee Card! –Self-explanatory, no? Just make sure you keep it loaded up:)

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