About Me

This is me when I'm professional:                                And this is me when I'm just goofing around:

Fancy, right?

I originally started out as a teacher, then I became a freelance writer with a weekly newspaper column & (later on) my own television show. 

Then... it stopped.

Now, I'm a [full time, out-of-the-home marketer & PR gal] mom of two boys, currently 5 & 7 years old, who is learning that children really are born with a personality and a mind of their own!  My sons teach me everything I could ever need to learn about life - and I'm loving learning from them (even the lessons that STILL involve no sleep!!).

My first beautiful baby!
My second sweet son!

I'm all about making life easier for working moms, one blog post at a time!

I began Sleeping Is For Losers in 2009 when my first son was born. I was alone so much of the time [the first of my friends to have a baby!] & I needed somewhere to vent, share, ask for help and receive support. 

Little did I know that, by the time I had my second son, Sleeping Is For Losers would help me find the support that would get me through the toughest of parenting moments, lead me to forge amazing new relationships, and even be the catalyst for a new career in freelance writing, blogging, editing, & television.

Being a parent is both exhausting and rewarding, usually at the same time! Add on the layer of working full time outside of my home and, man, the struggle gets really real, really fast. 

It is my hope that Sleeping Is For Losers is a place that you will visit time and time again to find support, ideas, tips and tricks, and (if you're lucky) a chuckle or two along the way as we work together to find ways to mitigate the stress of raising kids in our busy world & trying to carve out a career while we are at it!


I also want to hear back from you!!! I know commenting on blog posts isn't so much of a "thing" anymore [I get it, I get it!] but if you want to reach out I want it to be easy for you! Email me anytime at sleepingisforlosers@yahoo.ca for your feedback, your post suggestions, potential product reviews, giveaways, freelance writing, or anything else you need! 

Because seriously, we're all in this together!

We Are Winners!
Over the past years, we have been so lucky to receive a big old pat on the back from other bloggers and blogging sites! Thanks!!

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