Cheese Sauce, Sour Cream, Sunburns

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Today was a 100% outdoor day! LOVED IT!
It was about 20 degrees and Z and I spent most of the times between meals and naps outdoors.
This morning I laid out a blanket in our backyard and let Z practice his walking. He's fantastic indoors, but his outdoor walking needs some serious work. Shoes are heavy.

We tooted around outside for about 45 minutes, eat Goldfish crackers, drinking water out of his sippy cup, kicking his green ball and starting at the tree that is almost ready to bloom. He started to get a bit fussy so we went inside, he drank his bottle, and went down for a good nap.
This afternoon, after a good lunch of pita, avacado and chicken (and two animal crackers as "dessert"), we headed out to the park with our friends.

The sun was hot, so Z wore sunscreen and a hat, but there was a nice breeze that kept us from getting too sweaty. Z swung for a bit, then spent the rest of the time walking around. I'm still shocked at how, seemingly overnight, he has started to walk significantly more then he crawls.
This park had a nice, rubbery surface covering that really allowed him to walk with those shoes on. We were there for over an hour. He had a good, long drink of water and a "mini" fruit bar as a snack on the walk home (well, I walked and he strollered). He had really rosy cheeks when we got home, despite the hat and sunscreen I slathered on him.

I had absolutely meant to tape him walking and swinging, but I completely forgot. BOO! Next warm day, I promise!

Veggie soup- he LOVED! The chicken I made for dinner...he was ok with it. He loved the one part I thought for sure he would hate- the tomatoes. He kinda picked at the rest of it. Hated the zucchini. I ended up giving him a yogurt and he cried when it was done. Poor kid.

Tonight I'm making meatballs and roasted potatoes. I doubt he'll eat I'll entice him with a small dollup of sour cream on the potatoes (and maybe the meatball too). That and cheese sauce make him eat almost anything. Sadly, I resort to that when he's not interested in his food. Lest you think I'm a bad mother, I give him the smallest drop on whatever he doesn't want to eat. I promise.

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