2013- How Did I Do?

So, I wrote out some goals in 2013.

Check them out here.

How did I do?

1) Become a Better Partner- Um, well, I asked my husband and he shrugged and said "Sure" and then fell asleep. I'll let you decide if that's a win...

2) Get Back to a Size 4- Nope:)
I had wanted to lose 10 more pounds in 2013 but it didn't happen. Why? I was too busy living a really amazing, awesome life. And I overheard the most life-changing conversation (completely by accident):

Two girls in their early 30s were discussing their weight. Both were average weight. 
One was complaining about how hungry she was all the time. 
She was always dieting and never felt happy anymore.

Her friend (who was indeed slightly heavier) asked her why her life revolved around her size. She was married (and liked it), had kids she adored, had a career she loved, had friends who loved her, had hobbies and goals and dreams. 

Why were her preconceived notions about her WEIGHT holding her back from enjoying all that life was offering? 

I left after that part of the conversation but it just struck me- TEN POUNDS was consuming me and holding me back from enjoying the amazing-ness that was my life. I am healthy and happy and that's ok. 
I'll still work toward improved fitness and health (and yes, I still would love to lose 10 more pounds) but not at the expense of enjoying my life.

 Allow Myself to Feel Truly Happy- See above. I'm working on it.

I have started to just say no to events/people/work that makes me feel awful. It isn't easy and I'm not always the best at it, but I'm working on it. I like goals and I like having things to strive for, but I also like being happy!

4) Transition Our Household to a (Mostly) Chemical-Free Environment- I am making my own daily cleaning products (namely vinegar and water to spray down the countertops) and have a steam mop (chemical free) that I use on our flooring, but I am also using store brand cleaning supplies that are often not green.  In April, I confessed to using Lysol again. I'm still using it.

5) Love My Boys to Bits- An attainable goal! Phew!


  1. The most important is #5 "Love my boys to bits"!! Well done!!

  2. You had such an awesome year! - just look at your "Best of 2013" post AND #5. Looks like you did what really mattered :)


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