Home Office Makeover (and a HUGE GIVEAWAY)

I'm not sure if a Staples employee visited my home recently, but they certainly have good timing. Because, the day my Staples home office makeover gift card arrived, my office looked like THIS:

Yup, like that. 

I have worked at home for over two years and my office looks like a hurricane hit it pretty much every day. Paper, some toys, and a mishmash of pens and whatever else my kids were able to steal away from me when I'm not looking. The reason? Other than the need to keep them busy while I answer emails or work on something for a client, I have NO STORAGE. 

We bought a cheap desk over 8 years ago and that is what I have used ever since.

So, when the aforementioned saviour of my home office, Staples, offered to provide me with $150 to makeover my office, I JUMPED. I needed a way to get the crap paper off the floor of my office and away from interested, little hands.

So this cutie to the right and I headed out to the store, armed with a gift card and a dream (and a sucker because bribery works!).

And I just have to say that I scored, big time.

First, I already have an affinity for Staples. 
Row upon row of organizational tools, pencils, paper, and everything in between appeals to the teacher in me. Truth? The best time of the school year (when I was teaching) was the week that all the supplies I had ordered the year before arrived in my classroom! Nothing better than everything feeling fresh, cleaned and organized.

After a thorough search of the store, Will and I settled in what I like to call the "Martha Stewart aisle". 
Everything in this aisle is beautiful and functional and (according to the packaging) easy to assemble.

Upon in depth conferencing with my two year old, we agreed to purchase the Wall Manager system in black and picked up the following:

  • cork board;
  • white board;
  • shelf;
  • drawer & shelf combo;
  • two Wall Manager boards;
  • two hooks and clips;
  • a wall caddy; and
  • two clips

But of course, this wasn't enough. In addition to the Wall Manager system, I picked up:

  • one HUGE package of paper;
  • one HUGE spiral of coloured sticky notes;
  • a box of small clips
  • two banker boxes to store all my unnecessary to use but necessary to keep files; and
  • a desk-sized filing system for all those files I need AT HAND.

All of this for less than $150. 
AMAZING, right?

On a Sunday morning, I sent my husband up to my office to install my new Wall Manager system. I expected him to be gone for the rest of the morning…instead, he was gone 10 minutes. 

That's it. 

When the box says "easy to install" apparently it's right. 

I, on the other hand, spent the next 1.5 hours working on re-organinzing my disaster of a home office. 

And here are the results:
My fully assembled (in 10 minutes!!!) wall organizer - it is the perfect size for all those important papers and notes that need to be kept in sight but away from little hands!

My clips and pushpins, safely stored in my Wall Manger system and away from the kids.

Paper, banker boxes, a desktop filing system and more sticky notes than I could dream of!
My new and improved, organized office space. Important notes, papers, stickies and pens are away from little hands. My files are safely stored in the closet, with the essential (working on right now) files in my desk for easy access. I actually feel like I can WORK now!

Thank you so much Staples, for allowing me to get my workspace back! 

Now for the stuff you're really interested in...


So what are you waiting for? I want you to enjoy a home office as amazing as mine…and to help you get started, Staples is going to give away a free router (worth up to $100!!!!) to one lucky Sleeping Is For Losers reader (Canada only). Check out this link for your choices...

How to Enter:

Leave a comment below (about anything you like- tell me about your home office woes, why you could use a router, or just say hi!). Make sure you include an email address for me to email you at if you are the winner:) 

Extra Entry:

If you would like a second entry, tweet out the following:

Win a router (worth up to $100) from Sleeping Is For Losers and @sarahnewk. Enter at http://sleepingisforlosers.blogspot.ca/2013/10/home-office-makeover.html 

Contest closes November 1, 2013 at midnight. ENTER NOW and Good Luck:)

*Full disclosure- I received a $150 gift card from Staples to use for the purposes of remaking my home office. Of course, you know I don't speak anything but the truth and, in this case, the truth is that Staples had great products at great prices!


  1. Awesome giveaway- thanks so much. We could use a router for our home office big time! chase_wills@hotmail.com

  2. Dad would love this for his new 'retirement office' space!! I better not show this photo to him ;)

  3. My office is the dining room table. Hubby got the real office but doesn't use it much and lil miss kicked me out of her room/my former office. Time to finish the basement!!

  4. Thanks for the giveaway! My home office needs a BIG makeover! lol Everything is crammed in there right now and to tell you the truth i hate even going in there anymore. A new router for the home would be very good. Thanks

    I also tweeted here is the link--> https://twitter.com/kissifer19/status/394599177692262400

  5. My office, lol it is the bedroom. Don't like it much cause i feel like I am stuck in here all the time away from the family!

  6. My home office could really use a make-over. It's also a sewing room and storage room. It really needs some organization!


  7. You have an actual office! I have a designated room, but I can't work in it, yet. I love office supplies! Jeals.

  8. Home offices are the greatest invention since sliced bread. Especially with little ones running around. :)

  9. My home office is a combination of many places at our crib! Way to go with organizing- look like your great space got greater with the organizational upgrade....ENJOY!

  10. Love the organizer, I could use one too! traci6676@gmail.com

  11. I love how you revamped your office. Your wall organizer is so cool and just what I need to add to my office. That being said my router is majorly sucking as of late, so it would be awesome to potentially win a new one.

  12. Here is the link to the tweet: https://twitter.com/adomesticmomma/status/394977575019089920

  13. Yeah Yeah YEAH! I need this:) Thanx Sarah

  14. would love to win this, have an old router that disconnects all the time making the kids here really annoyed and unpatient and my life complicated

  15. i need an office. and for starters i need a router

  16. We need some good organization and would love a router to place inside my organization duties.

  17. That's great, i need a router. Thanks for the oppurtunity!

  18. Fantastic giveaway, I'd love to finally upgrade my router to the N standard


  19. i need a router, this win would be awesome...
    tweeted https://twitter.com/Uglymummy/status/395377318262083584

  20. Great giveaway! I live in a 1200 square foot log cabin with my hubby and 4 kids... you don't even want to imagine my home office!

  21. would be nice to have my conection sped up!

  22. Ugg, I think the only way to improve my home office is with an extra large shredder or an industrial sized bin in the driveway! I'm so bad with paperwork! Well done with your office shape up!

  23. I totally need a new router. we have to leave ours unlocked so that we can access it. it drives me crazy, when we lock it none of our wifi devices work. then to top it off the connection seems to always drop. it is a bit old, but i don't think it was a good router to begin with.

  24. https://twitter.com/hollymessana/status/395654167588380672
    hollymessana@gmail.com (forgot to leave my email on my previous post)

  25. I don't have the space for a home office, so my computer is in my bedroom. My husband is always complaining about our current router. I would love to win this for him.

  26. Are you sure those before pics weren't of my home office? I NEED the wall manager system toooooo! If I win the router, I will donate it to charity. You can create a new blog post about how this blog post created a spin off blog post & charity won! Woot!

    zoe at tucu dot ca

  27. my husband would love this, he can't stop spewing the hate speech about our current router. Hes the tech master of this house and I know he would appreciate this very much.

  28. https://twitter.com/MichelleGalante/status/395765247719776256


  29. So I can use the computer wireless. edm388@gmail.com

  30. awesome giveaway! I need a home office big time:) jo.guy@hotmail.com

  31. Tweet~ http://twitter.com/glogirl3/status/396303280940515328


  32. Wow, I can not barely walk in my home office! I have lots of organizing to do:)

  33. I also tweeted here is the link--> https://twitter.com/kissifer19/status/394599177692262400

  34. Growing Up TorontoNovember 3, 2013 at 7:15 PM

    Win a router (worth up to $100) from Sleeping Is For Losers and @sarahnewk. Enter at http://sleepingisforlosers.blogspot.ca/2013/10/home-office-makeover.html …

  35. tweeted https://twitter.com/Uglymummy/status/395377318262083584

  36. Win a router (worth up to $100) from Sleeping Is For Losers and @sarahnewk. Enter at http://sleepingisforlosers.blogspot.ca/2013/10/home-office-makeover.html …

  37. Win a router (worth up to $100) from Sleeping Is For Losers and @sarahnewk. Enter at http://sleepingisforlosers.blogspot.ca/2013/10/home-office-makeover.html …

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