We're back...

Sleeping Is For Losers rings true once again in our house.
Now, Zach is a great night sleeper.  He normally does 12 full hours- I'll give him that.  But napping has become such a crazy chore!  He has decided that he only needs some tiny catnaps...sometimes he'll nap for an hour, sometimes 1/2 an hour, sometimes 15 minutes.  Sometimes he'll nap longer in the morning.  Sometimes he'll nap in the middle of the day (right now, in fact), sometimes the afternoon.
So here I sit, thinking that if my little man could just make up his mind about napping I would:
  • smell better (because I'd shower more often)
  • look better (because I wouldn't just throw on whatever is lying on my floor)
  • eat better (because I would actually MAKE a meal instead of throwing food into my mouth when he's napped)
  • exercise better (because you know that if I DARE try to exercise while he's napping, he will wake up...instantly...that's just how it is!)

But, he's just not that into napping all of the sudden.  So hoodies, yoga pants, my ever-present ponytail and M&M's it is:)
Of course, he did do the coolest thing this morning.  I was lying on my side as he was playing with some toys.  I was watching Ellen, to be perfectly honest.  Well, I guess he needed my attention because he crawled over to me, grabbed my hoodie, pulled himself up to standing and took three steps toward me (while holding me, of course).  Then he fell.  But it was awesome while it lasted:)

Happy Friday!!! I'll be watching FlashPoint tonight- think of me as you go out and party;)


  1. WOW! That is soooo exciting. 3 steps....an excellent start!! Way to go Zach! And I wonder, do you think he could be working towards just one nap a day? I think that normally happens when they are older, but perhaps?

  2. Ruth Sweet (aka "Grandma")November 20, 2009 at 3:35 PM

    Ok...this settles it...Zach doesn't know that he's only 6-1/2 months old. He thinks he's a big boy!!!!
    He is amazing!

  3. You may post my waffle struggles on your blog! I'm so glad for nice people that take the time to leave comments. Thanks!

    And my daughter gave up napping when she was less than 2. Always a great night sleeper but 12 hours on, twelve hours off. Just recently at almost 5 she will take a 3 hour nap again! They're bizarre little people!

  4. Sleep, the ever evolving issue with young kids. My little one was finally sleeping through the night and now decided not too. My older two give me hope as they are great sleepers.....well, my 2nd often wakes up in the middle of the night and tries to crawl in with me.

  5. ahh hoodies and yoga pants..the stay at home mom's wardrobe :) That's awesome about the 12 hour sleeps at night. Way to go Zach! Brendan was 1 before he slept through the night once!


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