The Social

On Friday, September 13 (yes, Friday the 13th), my two year old threw up all over me.

Head to toe- he covered me in mash of oatmeal and grapes exactly 20 minutes before I was supposed to leave my house for a 'girls day out' birthday celebration with my mom and sister.

TWENTY MINUTES before I was supposed to leave for a taping of Canada's newest talk show- The Social.

So, while on the verge of tears because (yes, I'm bragging) my hair looked really good, I put the two year old and myself in the shower, got the vomit stench out of my hair, did a hair/makeup re-do and left my house (an hour late), praying I'd make it to the show on time.


(oh, and my son is fine. The vomiting was brought on by too much spinning in my office chair.)

So, The Social.

I have to admit that I had only watched two episodes of the show before I sat in the audience. I was already familiar with a few of the hosts from their other gigs on CP24 and eTalk (and of course my favourite gossip site-, but I wasn't entirely sure about their chemistry- about them, even, and how they would fill an entire hour.

A group of women - around my age - opining about things that are buzzing on social media? It sounds like something I SHOULD be into, though.

Sissy and I posing in the audience of The Social
If you don't know me in real life, then let me tell you that I pretty much live my life on social media. I blog here about the ups and downs of parenthood and life in general, I tweet about my annoyances and love of everything from the Blue Jays to Miley, I write a column on education/parenting for the Toronto Sun, and I Facebook and Instagram everything else. I love people who are an open book and not afraid to have opinions (even controversial ones).

But I just wasn't sure about this show.

How real were these 'media personalities' going to be? How fun would it be to sit in an audience of dolled-up ladies (and a guy!) and listen to... chatter?


It was amazing! And after our set visit, I am totally sold on this show.

We were there on a Friday, which meant that the AMAZING Jess was on the panel. This girl, I am telling you, is a star. She is witty and fun and real and insightful and brings a breath of fresh air to the panel. I will forever kick myself in the butt for not putting together that she was the Maclean's writer that I have read and adored- I'm not sure why it didn't click (I'm usually really good with names, especially when they tell me where they used to work! oy!!). I would have picked her brain regarding my on-the-cusp-of-something writing career for as long as she would have let me!

Traci, Cynthia and Melissa were exactly what I would hope a host would be in real life. They were warm and smart and engaging and huggy (ya, it's a word). I wanted to sit down with a coffee and talk parenting tips, clothes, and life in general with them.

But, hooo-boy, I fell in love with Lainey. I love me some good snark, which she brings, BUT she also has a graciousness and warmth that I didn't really expect. After the show she spent an amazing amount of time talking to the audience and seemed genuinely grateful and interested in what they had to say.

So, in short, if you are thinking about visiting the set of The Social for a live taping- do it! I have been to the other major Canadian talk shows as an audience member and I can honestly say that this was my best experience.

Oh, and one more thing. That blonde in the white pants in the picture below- don't you think she would be an AMAZING guest to speak about the 'mom blogging' phenomenon (maybe even provide a round-up of what's hot on the 'mom blogs' for their site on the regular...)? I mean, she just looks right at home with that group of ladies. And did you SEE how often she was shown during the show?? Just hinting... hardcore. Put me in coach!

The hosts, my sis, my mom and me...great day!


  1. That looks like so much fun! I hope their filming schedule overlaps with some teacher holidays so I can take it in as an audience member too. Or perhaps the two of us need to go on as guests? :-)

  2. You definitely look like you could fit in as a guest on the panel!


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