A Birthday

Tomorrow I turn 33.

I'm not sure why, but it's a difficult number to get my head around. Maybe it's because I don't feel 33. Maybe it's because 33 makes me feel like I am "in my 30s", which seems old to me. Maybe it's because 33 sounds so grown up and makes those crows feet around my eyes seem legit- they're there for a reason now.

Regardless, I'm just not looking forward to this birthday.

Despite my awesome life. Despite all the accomplishments and milestones. Despite being genuinely happy and satisfied (with everything but my age). Despite the much needed pampering I will enjoy (this hair needs to be blonde again!!!).

But, no matter which way I slice it, tomorrow I am turning 33- another year full of possibilities and unknowns. Here's hoping it's a fantastic one!


  1. Happy Birthday! You will rock 33 just like you rocked 32!

  2. It's just a number. Don't let it get you down. You look 28. Happy Birthday!

  3. Are you really going to be 33 years old????? Wow! ;)
    Ok....now seriously.....I, as your Mom, am so proud of the beautiful, strong, intelligent, loving, caring YOUNG woman you have become! I could not be prouder to call myself your mother!
    Onward and forward to another year of many more blessings!
    I love you sweetie and am so glad I had you! xoxo


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