Britney: The Video

Um, I might have an unhealthy fascination with Brit Brit.

I really do adore her- I bought her Baby, One More Time album and played it non-stop in my dorm with my friend Greg. 
And I dressed up like her for Halloween. 
And I actually own every honest-to-goodness, hold in your hands CD she has ever put out. 
And the only thing on my iPod when I run is her greatest hits album.

So she has a new video out. EXCITING. And it's not AWFUL- feels a bit like an homage to her Slave For You days- but I do have mixed feelings, because...
  • Britney used to be such a good dancer, she looks like she's just phoning it in; AND
  • I think she got a nose job (probably more than that, but it's what stands out most to me); AND I KEEP WONDERING
  • Is she British now? When did that happen?; AND
  • She feels forced
But then I realized...
  • Despite phoning it in, she dances better than I ever will; AND
  • Her body looks AH-MAZ-ING; AND
  • She always felt a bit forced so that's not new; BUT FOR CERTAIN
  • I can't wait to visit the only HMV I know of (in a mall near my house) and buy her new CD whenever it comes out (like all the other dorky moms in their 30s).


  1. haha Im that dorky mom in her thirties waiting for the album to come out!!! I just explained to an 18 year old how hot this video and song is
    she just smiled and nodded....darn I feel old.


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