We Know How To Take A Picture

We spent Sunday at a beautiful pumpkin farm. It was full of stunning yellows, oranges, and greens. Rolling hills, sprawling pumpkin patches filled with pumpkins perfect for the picking. Hayrides, petting farm, hot apple cider and freshly made kettle corn over a roaring fire.

The sun shone and my kids ran and played and frolicked.

So, a family picture was a must. And boy, do we know how to find the PERFECT place to take a picture!

Despite the perfectly set up vignettes of wagon wheels, bales of hay and blooming yellow mums. Despite the rusty old tractors and fields of cows grazing in the grass. Despite the old barn with a baby goat peeking its wee head out for a breath of fresh country air.  Despite all the beautiful spots to take a picture...we stopped and had our picture here:

Right in front of a broken-up wagon, with some old rusty wheel, a power line and a slightly dying tree in the background. Nary a pumpkin or flower or bale of hay in sight.  Typical...

Hope fall is treating you well:)


  1. Still a lovely photo! Your lil one is getting so big!!

    1. He's getting so big and tall. He'll be beating up his big brother in no time:)


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