Vegas or Bust: Week 2

I'm so sorry this is late. It has been a whirlwind of activity in my house and I am currently shoving a salad with lemon pepper tuna in my face while writing this. There just isn't a spare minute!

How did I do?
Not bad! I'm down another 2 pounds (for a total of 3.6 pounds total) and 1.5 inches (for a total of 4.5 inches thus far). I'm happy, overall. Well, that's kind of a lie. I was happy until my husband announced that he, without doing anything (ok, I'm sure he's done something but I highly doubt he's putting in my effort...haha) lost 2 pounds. WHAT? This competition is SO ON, buddy.

To kick my 'Vegas or bust' weight loss into high gear, I'm joining the Tone It Up girls and doing #beachweek (see their plan HERE). So, this means I am waking up at 5:00 AM  in order to squeeze in a cardio workout. Not gonna lie- I don't love it. But I do feel good after working out. It's the 5:00 am that sucks. Nonetheless, it is the only time I have to workout uninterrupted, and I'm going to do it for this ONE WEEK! (apparently, it becomes a habit...we'll see about that!).  They also encourage working out 2 times a day for this week, to boost your metabolism and rev up weight loss. I'm doing that as much as possible, however I do work some evenings making it impossible to sneak in that second workout.

My food is lean, clean and green. It's one week of my life and I KNOW I can do it. I can eat fries or chocolate any time, right? RIGHT? This is what I keep telling myself anyway:)

On a nice note, I went clothes shopping (ALONE!) for the first time since Zachary (my 3 year old) was 16 months. For real. AND... I had to return all the clothes I brought to the change rooms for SMALLER SIZES!! YEAH:)

Current obsession?
Grapefruit Perrier. SO DELICIOUS!

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