He's Almost Three

Tomorrow, he turns three.
Three years old.
And so, to honour that milestone, Zach and I decided to have a photo shoot while his little brother had a nap. Our last photos of a two year old Zachary and his mother, all taken by Zachary himself (and me,sans makeup, greasy hair, couldn't say no, could I?)


 Gotta eat that cute face!

 Squishy face


 My first baby...


And then he took a picture of just me. And begged me to put it on my "bloggy"...so I did.

Love you so much, Zach. You changed my life forever and for always and I am so grateful for that.


  1. Excellent post! What a fun way to entertain the little guy! Love the alien shot! And that's a good one of you at the end. Z's gonna be a photographer! :)

  2. Ruth aka GrandmaMay 1, 2012 at 11:07 AM

    Love it! I can't believe that Z is going to be 3!!
    My life is so much better because of Zach! I love him soooo much!xoxo

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