Putting Up The Christmas Tree

This past weekend was filled with magical Christmas events for my kids.

First, we bundled up and sat curb side to watch our local Santa Claus parade.

Then we had a special visit to Santa's secret cabin in the forest at Knox Farms.

When we arrived at Santa's hidden abode, Mrs. Claus and Santa welcomed us in, calling the children by name, and spending about 5 individual minutes with each child, talking about what a good boy they had been and what they might want from Santa.

My boys were in absolute awe as Santa and Mrs. Claus correctly named each item that was on their Christmas wish list and reminded them to be sweet to each other (I believe Mrs. Claus asked them to give lots of hugs and to not fight...). After their special one-on-one time, they were treated to hot chocolate and cookies care of two elves, and then we took a walk down Santa's secret path back to our waiting horse-drawn sleigh for a ride back to our cars.  It was such a special afternoon- one that I'm sure will help keep our babies believing in the man in the red suit for years to come!

Finally, we spent Sunday putting up our Christmas tree.

Our youngest is now 3 years old and he was thrilled to finally help out with all the ornaments, lights and crystal icicles. Check out the process:

And we were all pretty pleased with our finished product!  

A great way to cap off a festive, holiday filled weekend:)

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