PR LISTS and random musings

I am suddenly on a gazillion PR lists. 
I get offers every day for diet books, skin rejuvenators, books, magazines, brand-new-your-kid-is-sure-to-love-it toys, the best kitchen aids ever.
And when I don't respond they follow up. And follow up. And follow up.
And then offer me more.
Bath products and candles and books for review and even a TV (which I would have to return so, no thanks).
I would say I turn down about 95% of the pitches I am sent.

I wrote a few poems and was thinking of submitting one for publication.
Then I remembered I'm not a poet.
At all.
And stringing together a few words for the sake of, does not a poem make.

I sent Z upstairs to change his underwear because he had an accident.
He was gone for 30 minutes.
Then I got worried.
I went upstairs and found him asleep in his bed.
With a pair of my husband's boxer shorts on.
I don't even know what to say about that except,
I wish I had taken a picture.

It is pouring rain and my naturally curly hair is very sad about it.
It shows me this by exploding.
I counter by putting it in a pony tail.
I fear that curly hair is endeavouring to make an escape.
Considering that I have to see REAL grownups tonight, I better go and do something about it.

Oh ya, W took his first few steps. 
Then fell. 
He hasn't tried again. 
He's soooo my kid!

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