Hey Husband

I'm a giver by nature. So I'm gonna make this SUPER easy for you.
Don't buy me flowers or a spa package or stuffed animals. Not even a card.
ALL I want for Mother's Day is to sleep.
 That is it, that is all.
Sleep without a cute redhead crawling into bed to tickle mommy. Sleep without a sweet little 10 month old goobering all over my face. Sleep without the cat stretching out and taking over the whole bed. Sleep without someone *ahem* stealing all the covers.

Just SLEEP.  

(I was going to add a picture of me sleeping, but I couldn't find one. Probably because I never sleep...)


  1. Wow, now that would be heaven. Happy Mother's Day. Here's hoping you get that sleep!

  2. Do you also take all the pictures? I guess you did get your only Mother's Day wish since you slept until 9am! Happy Mother's Day!

  3. I totally slept in & it was amazing!!!!

  4. Can you furthermore
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