Why Your Child Is A Crappy Sleeper...

I am not a sleep expert. I am, however, a SLEEPLESS expert. I am a mom to two boys who hate sleep. Two boys who barely ever nap, who are restless as they sleep during the night, who wake bright eyed and bushy tailed, regardless of the time they went to bed or how many times they woke up. Kids that will fight you to the death if you dare attempt to 'trick' them into sleep.
According to my extensive research, here are a few reasons why your kids might be a craptastic sleeper:

  • their room is too hot
  • their room is too cold
  • they need a humidifier
  • they don't need a humidifier
  • they need a lovie (blankie, stuffed animal, etc...)
  • they need a paci
  • they are hungry
  • they are too full
  • they are thirsty
  • they are wet
  • they like a pillow
  • they don't like a pillow
  • they are teething
  • they are having bad dreams
  • they aren't tired
  • they are overtired
  • their room is too light
  • their room is too dark
  • they are in their terrible twos
  • they are in their torturous threes
  • they need white noise
  • they need complete silence
  • they are learning to crawl
  • they are learning to stand
  • they are learning to walk
  • they are potty training
  • they enjoy making life miserable for their overindulgent mother who is always scared something is actually wrong when they cry out in the night
  • they have a headache
  • they have a sore throat
  • they have an ear ache
  • they have a sick stomach
  • they are pretending to have a sick stomach (because sick stomach=action in our house)
  • they have a cold
  • they might have a tiny bit of a stuffy nose
  • they don't like the pjs their daddy made them wear
  • they can't find their _______________ (fill in the blank...there are a million things that may be lost at 2 am)
  • they just need a little bit of love

So next time you are awoken in the middle of the night, multiple times, by multiple children, reach for my handy comprehensive list of 'reasons why your kids might be a craptastic sleeper' and find the answer that best suits your needs. And, if you have a remedy for any of these reasons, I'd sure love to hear them because sleeping...not a big deal in our house!


  1. Brendan's top ones - needs a glass of water, can't find Bernie (his beanie baby ostrich), wanted to change his PJs, forgets how to blow his nose and has the sniffles, doesn't want to go to sleep when it is light out, and can't go to sleep because daddy only read him one story. I think pretty much any excuse is fair game!

  2. okay fellow commenters please don't attack me when I say melatonin... we went through some sleep issues with Saige awhile back and I remembered that all the kids on my caseload on ADHD medication were given melatonin at night to help them settle and ultimately sleep. Our local team of pediatricians recommend it so I did some looking into it and gave it a try... did wonders for Saiger's sleep schedule immediately. Please no haters... I'm not recommending anyone take this route just merely sharing what worked for us. I know what it feels like to be desperate for shut eye.

    1. where would one get such a wonderful treasure such as melatonin????

  3. Melatonin seems a great idea! Why would anyone be a hater - because they're kids? It's natural...I would go for it Sarah!

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