The Potty Training Diaries- Day 4

Well, I think the diaries may stop today.
Not because Z is perfectly potty trained. He's not. But the accidents are few and far between (although I am losing a bit of patience when he obviously has to tinkle and refuses because it wasn't "his idea" and ends up going on my floor. URG!). I'm really proud of my little guy. He's a tough nut to crack but if you can approach him from the right angle he catches on really quickly.
He seems to have grasped the concept that pull-ups are the same as underwear and we have worn them outside of the house with no "accidents".  My reminders nagging to listen to his body seem to work pretty well, as the only time he really has trouble remembering to go potty is when I am busy with Will (ahem, I wonder why?).

The only issue left?
My bathrooms are WRECKED. Seriously, FOUR days of potty training and two of my three bathrooms look like a tornado went through them. Stained toilet bowls, wet floors, pieces of toilet paper strewn about, towels askew. Oy. Is this what it's like to have boys? Because my housekeeping skills cannot keep up!


  1. I'm trying night time training now. Sigh and HUGS.

  2. I dread the thought of nighttime training. This potty training thing is tough enough. (and boring...we've barely ventured out of the house this week)

  3. Seriously, FOUR times
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