The Potty Training Diaries- Day 3

aka: How to humiliate your child by writing all about their poops and pees:)

aka: Operation: Use The Freaking Potty 

Day 3
Verdict: Well DONE!

The Method: Bribe. Today he was in love with the idea that I would give him an Oreo cookie when he pooped on the potty. He pooped 3 times...will have to rethink these bribes I'm using:)

The Good: He is using the potty ALONE. Only my butt-wiping skills are necessary as he pulls down his own pants, gets on the toilet, holds his own winky dinky and poops and pees as needed. The thing with Z is that he's all about independence and once he realized he didn't need me around to help him, well the toilet became even more awesome to him! He also wants to sit right on the toilet seat and not use the potty attachment because he can, "see my poops and pees better". Whatever works. 
Z is also really into the shape of poops (again, can't wait til he gets married or becomes a famous athlete. He's gonna DIE). Yesterday he had a poop shaped like a "dinosaur tooth", "a hexagon", "a big fluffy cloud in the sky" and "a small dog". Again, whatever works.

The Bad: He had 2 accidents (if you're following my diary, that's one less accident a day). One was a poop in his pants again that he tried to hide from me.  The pattern I am noticing is that he has his accidents in the morning, when he's still sleepy and the evening, when he's ready for bed. I think I'll endeavour to remind him a little more during those times. I also am not going to use a pull-up unless he is a) sleeping or b)on a long trip away from the house. He seems to treat pull-ups like diapers (and they are, so fair enough) and is more likely to just pee in them.

The Really Unexpected: DRY IN THE MORNING!!!!


  1. oh my god Sarah - i'm dying here....a dinosaur tooth!? Good for Z....Will still craps in his diaper...pee trained but #2 - not a chance....

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