Let's Play Ball

Z is starting to go down to one longer nap- like from 10:30-12:30 (or so), and then MAYBE a cat nap later on in the afternoon.
I seriously wonder where this kid gets these ideas. "Hey, I'm 11 months old. I'm going to just have one weirdly timed nap (right during lunch for sure!) just to make my mother CRAZY!"

Last night we left Z with my mother-in-law and headed out to the homeopener of the Toronto Blue Jays (baseball). Was a fun game. They seem to tailor the musical intros to the nationality of the player (Latin music for Latinos, Hip Hop for African Americans, Nickleback for Caucasians) and it oddly bothered me. Probably because I'm Caucasian and I do not, I repeat, DO NOT listen to Nickleback. We bought Z an old school Blue Jays hat which I tried on him this morning. He spent most of the time either trying to rip it off or tilting his head wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back trying to see the brim of the hat. Silly boy.

When I left the house to go to the game, Z had woken up from a semi-cat-nap. He was getting his diaper changed. I said "Bye", went to kiss him. Promptly got a hand in my face and a no-look wave. Like a "GET OUT OF HERE and let me have fun" wave. Sob. He's coming to an age where he is super fascinated by other people, leaving me in the dust. Now he only wants me when he's hungry or really tired. Thanks kid!

Trying veggie soup for lunch and chicken with tomatoes/carrots/zucchini for supper. Both have tomato- the one veggie he just doesn't seem to like. So, that'll be interesting:) He may be on a Goldfish cracker diet today.


  1. My daughter survived on goldfish crackers at that age!

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