Have you missed me?? I bet you did...

I've been gone for a while haven't I?
Well, with good reason. Hubby turned 30. We had our first night away from our little man. Nearly killed me leading up to the night away- in fact, I could barely sleep thinking about it. I just couldn't concentrate on anything else, so blogging really was thrown by the wayside.


In the meantime, Z is fantastic.
New things you should know about:
  • he walks (well, he's trying really hard- our record is 6 steps before the fall- but he keeps getting up and stepping- you can't hold this kid down).
  • He kicks a ball. Actually kicks it- he's pretty good with his aim. At first he would just swing his right leg wildly and hope he hit something, but he's a lot better at actually timing it so he hits the ball. However, he has a hard time standing up straight and kicking at the same time- so if someone is behind him holding him up, it always goes better.
  • He's 10 1/2 months old and still doesn't say MAMA. Probably because I keep telling him to say it...he's stubborn like that- he looks at me like, woman, you're crazy.
  • He LOVES to be the centre of attention. At hubby's birthday celebration last night, Z was the star of the show. Although I had tried to put him to bed before the guests arrived, he was totally not having any of that and I gave in (like the sucker I am) and brought him downstairs to hang out with the guests. He practiced walking with his uncles, played with Aunty Lizzy's necklaces, said DADADADADADADADA, gave big smiles, claps, and had fun getting attention from every single person. He also said "Thea", which is his aunty's name...but then wouldn't say it again. He always makes me look like a liar I tell ya.
  • Speaking of clapping- he's clapping.
  • He loves raspberries (the actual berries). Just pops those bad boys in his mouth like they're going out of style. I go through a package of raspberries every 2-3 days.
  • He does not like his diaper changed. And he's strong. I can spend at least 15 mins trying to change a diaper- he flips and kicks and fusses and whines and attempts to run from me. I've had to cut my nails and stop wearing my rings because they often scratch him.
So there you go- a big update. I didn't talk about his sleeping habits, did I? Well, something for you to wait for. I'm pretty afraid to write it though, because I know he'll do the exact opposite as soon as I put it in print. I can safely say, though, that he's got his two front teeth about ready to pop through...any day now....then he'll have 4 teeth (all the better to eat raspberries with).

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