Swingin and sliding and being outdoors.

The weather has been beautiful and spring like around here for the past 5 days.

Z, his dad and I have spent at least 3 out of the past 5 days at the park. Z LOVES the swing, and thinks the slide is just ok. What he loves most, though is watching the other kids playing. He's fascinated by the bike riding kids the most. I can almost see him licking his lips in anticipation of the day that he gets to ride a bike and have me running after him screaming: GETBACKHERESLOWDOWNNOW!!!!!

I hope that Z grows up to be an active, outdoor kid. I used to babysit kids that never wanted to go outside and play- they just wanted board games and tv. I so hope he doesn't grow up like that! I want him to bug me every day to go to the park and play outside. I want him to set up his T-ball set in the backyard and smash balls off the house (not windows...house). I want him to splash around in his kiddie pool and run through the sprinkler. That's the kind of kid I hope he grows up to be.

For fun, here's some pics taken on Sunday:
Swinging with his dad. He pushes him too high. I get upset. Z laughs and claps for more. Hm.

Z and me. He looks bored. He was having fun- I SWEAR! He must be distracted by a kid on a bike or something...

See- hurray! The swing!


  1. SO CUTE!!! I want to swing!!!

  2. Ruth (aka "Grandma")March 9, 2010 at 3:54 PM

    Absolutely adorable!
    Z does look like he is having a lot of fun!

    Z looks like his Daddy in that picture & you look like "your Momma":)

    I think that Z will be an outside loving child.

  3. Awesome-He totally looks like an outdoor lover! "GETBACKHERESLOWDOWNNOW!!!!!" Sarah he's gonna have you screaming that long before bike days lol!--He looks like he is just gonna "go, go, go!" when he starts walking! Enjoyed your post and sweet pics!


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