A boring post about food

Z is really into chunkier, peoplish foods now. It's a weird stage to be in because, at almost 11 months, he doesn't really have enough teeth to properly chew a lot of people food but he really isn't into pureed stuff either.

So far, we've had some good hits, some big misses and some "I'll eat it if I feel like it".

  • berries (whole raspberries & blueberries)
  • avacado (he gets it spoon fed with some chicken cut up into it...and he likes it)
  • toast fingers with butter- although he's really into any carb I give him (crackers, bagels, breads, etc...)
  • whole baby carrots that are steamed just enough for him to gum (although he'll eat them mashed too)
  • roasted chicken
  • sweet potato fries (homemade- not cause I'm fancy, just because I happen to make them at home)
  • grilled cheese
  • yogurt (loves love loves)
  • piece of HARD fruit (which scares me to no end because he doesn't have molars- but he loves apple, pear and peaches that are HARD...no soft squishy fruit)
  • casseroles. almost every one I have made has ended up being rejected (I'm attempting sheppard's pie with him tonight, so we'll see!). Even when I blend it up so it's easier to eat, he still isn't impressed
  • pasta with tomato sauce. He actually looks at me like I'm trying to torture him.
  • tofu. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
  • chicken fingers- thought he'd think these were awesome but he practically sobbed when I gave it to him
  • homemade potato leek soup. He ate the first two spoonfuls then stuck his hand straight out and fully rejected all further attmepts
  • FISH!
Sometimes Good- Sometimes Bad:
  • pureed fruit- sometimes he loves the stuff and sometimes he purses his lips and rejects
  • eggs- again, one day it's fantastic and the next it's AWFUL!
  • stew- first time it was a huge hit. Second time ok. Third time he cried. Oh well.
  • oatmeal- he hates the baby stuff unless I trick him into eating it. He thinks the grownup oats are ok but only if I'm eating it and he can eat some off of my big girl spoon.
  • most green veggies- he can't stand green veggies unless they are fully hidden by other more tasty treats. I gave him steamed broccoli once and that was an epic fail.
So there you have it! I've been looking at a few site for ideas on toddler foods. I'm going to make a batch of pancakes and freeze them so I have those as a breakfast option. Otherwise, I just keep trying. One thing I am learning is that he seems to take a while to warm up to new tastes/textures and I just have to be consistent with my attempts to introduce new foods. We're going to try melons as soon as they're a bit more in season.

But I'm open to ideas and suggestions- what do you serve your child? I'm running out of interesting ideas!


  1. UPDATED TO ADD: He actually liked Sheppard's Pie. Well, today anyway:)

  2. ruth (aka "Grandma")March 24, 2010 at 5:54 PM

    Z hates fish????? Doesn't he know that he's 1/4 Newfoundlander???? :)

  3. how about some noodles? udon soup, or ichiban, or chicken noodle? Get the yakasoba noodles from teriyaki experience or other mall-noodle places. perhaps he'll like it?

  4. My daughter still won't eat any casserole type dish. I've heard a lot of kids don't like everything mixed together. She amazes me that she will be hungry but still determined not to eat anything. I guess skipping a meal of "mommy's yuck" doesn't bother her at all.

  5. Have you tried giving him the fruit he normally likes pureed in little chunks he can eat himself instead - it might be an independance issue. Avocado chunks are perfect because they wont choke on them. Others are:

    -Boiled potatoes chopped up(Brendan loves anything with sour cream on it)
    - Perogies
    - Scrambled eggs
    - French toast - this one is very soft/easy to eat
    - Baked maple beans

  6. oo...meatloaf or hamburger bits too if he is eating beef.. dipping is a thrill for the wee ones so anything they can dip in ketchup is often a hit. I find much of the pickiness can be overcome by changing the way in which the food is served :) Hope this helps!

  7. all great idea!
    He is totally into Avacado and baked maple beans (from the jar).
    I'm going to have to try perogies- I love them! Sour cream too- good idea:)
    Oh, and the noodles from stirfry at the mall were a huge hit!


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