My trip to Cityline!

Yesterday, my friend and I were lucky enough to get tickets to be part of the audience for Cityline. Yeah! A mommy outting:)

For my non-Canadian friends, Cityline is a daily life & style talk show (taped in Toronto, Ontario) that airs in across Canada. It's on at 9am, 2pm and 5pm daily, and features a daily panel of "experts" talking about a variety of subjects. Basically, it's the perfect stay-at-home mom show, and I happen to watch it daily! Tickets can take months to get so it's fun when you do get the opportunity! The audience is shown a lot throughout the show so you're bound to be on camera at some point.

I won't give you a whole long drawn out story about my adventures in trying to get dressed just to be part of the audience. Suffice it to say that extra baby weight plus major PMS bloat do not make for good bedfellows. I went with black- thank you very much.

We were sent to the green room to wait with the rest of the audience, meet with the producers, etc... They take audience questions, check you out- the usual. Here we are waiting:

And taking pictures like we were tourists who had never seen a television set before (which I have, for the record):

Then, they take you downstairs to the set and you are seated by a floor director. They are very specific about where they want people to sit and they directed my friend and I to sit in the front row, left side. Here was our view:

The show tapes in real time, but is shown the following week. It was fun to be part of the audience, but half way through- during a commercial break- my friend leaned over to me and told me that we had been in every single shot of the host thus far. Panic!!!!!!! I was hoping for a quick pan of the audience where I would be clapping and smiling, not being featured in ever host shot! I couldn't see the monitors from where I was sitting so I had no idea! Ya, PMS bloat, 10 extra pounds of baby weight, and not KNOWING you were on camera is never fun. I'm sure I was making the most ridiculous faces, because that's what I do. Should be fun to watch next week.

The show was great. Mostly about home decorating. Good panel, good advice! We went home with an eco-friendly pillow, a curtain rod, a Style at Home magazine, and a gift certificate to an eco-friendly decor store in Toronto. Oh, and a picture with the host Tracy, who is STUNNING
For the record- curly hair wasn't my first choice but the weather wasn't great so it was the better choice. Also, open black blazer...don't know what that will look like on tv...should be interesting to watch next Tuesday, February 2nd.

All in all, fun outing- but I missed Z SO MUCH!!! I couldn't wait to go home and give him a big hug. Makes me wonder how I'll survive going back to work in 2 months!


  1. That sounds like a lot of fun. You looked so nice too! Promise! And score on all the cool stuff!

  2. Ruth (aka "Grandma")January 27, 2010 at 2:55 PM

    You two girls look great!
    So glad you had a good time at that show!

  3. Thanks Christina!!
    I love free stuff:)

  4. pshhh you looked fabulous!

  5. AWWW- kristy- you're fantastic:)

  6. what time did you have to be there for the taping?

  7. we were there by 9am- i don't think we went in until closer to 10am, though.

  8. My hubby and I are going to the valentines day taping on the 7th! So excited! I've been trying to find out info on when to be there, location etc but can't find it on the website. I emailed the person at Cityline who said we were booked in but haven't heard back yet. Any info u could share would be great! Thanks!!! Tracey

    1. Have fun:) You go to Yonge/Dundas square- the CityTV building is right around the corner. Can't miss it. Go in the main doors and the receptionist will guide you.
      Bring nice shoes to wear for the show- lots of people were wearing boots that were all slushy & they looked like crap.
      Have fun:)

  9. Sounds wonderful I can't wait to go next week, how long where you guys there for I keep looking up how long it runs but can't seem to find any info and I'm super excited


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