It's Kinda Quiet...

I was straightening the couch up this morning after Z had his breakfast (half a piece of whole wheat toast and some mango/apple/peach puree) and Z was busy crawling around exploring the house to make sure nothing new had appeared overnight.

Suddenly, I realized it was very quiet in the kitchen. Never good. So I popped my head in and saw my little man doing this:
Crawling OVER the bar on the side of his highchair, even though there is a perfectly larger opening right beside him. The bar is a higher obstacle then this little man has ever attempted to climb over but he's determined.

This was how he felt about making it over the bar without face planting. Go ME!

And all of this effort to reach a new object in the recycling bin. An object, that he could have easily crawled to without encountering any obstacles, but why right?

And he left this lovely mess in his dust. Thanks kiddo:)
Funny the things almost 9 month olds find fun right??


  1. Ruth (aka "Grandma")January 28, 2010 at 3:54 PM

    Too funny!
    Zach the Explorer!

  2. Nice photos! Looks like he's really training and building those muscles.


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