Z, his dad and I had a great weekend:

1) we Ikea'd which is not suggested on a Saturday due to the hoards of people and a 45 minute line-up for some grey meatballs and salty mashed potatoes...boooo! Although we didn't end up buying anything, Z had a great time staring at everything and playing with the coolest person EVER (aka: Aunty Lizzy).

2) Z ate new things: bagel and cream cheese (well, some of mine), pieces of hot dog buns, pieces of kaiser rolls and, of course, CHEERIOS! He has decided that baby cereal is yucky and I have to foce it down his throat in the morning. He'd rather eat cheerios and some fruit, but I'm concerned that if I take away cereal then he won't be getting any good source of grains. Going to have to work on that one.

3) We stood up unassisted (meaning- Z stood up without holding onto anything). He doesn't have enough balance to stay up, but he's getting good at getting up without anything to steady him. I'm sure he'll work on balance soon- he's too determined.

4) He learned the universal sign for "TOUCHDOWN" (throwing his arms up over his head). Unfortunetly, he doesn't seem to understand that this is a football term and should be used when watching football (as we did on Sunday). Instead, he randomly throws his arms up and gives us a big gummy smile. Ah well- at least he got it in the first place. Plus, it's so cute!

5) Pointing and crying at something that he wants. It's a little annoying when it's something that I can't give him (like today at the grocery store when he was desperate for the shiny chocolate bar wrappers in the checkout aisle), but I do like that he is understanding this own wants/needs and trying to communicate them to us.

Good naps- so-so night sleeps. We take what we can get.
NO TEETH!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's approaching the 9 month mark and still NO TEETH!!!!! Hello Tooth Fairy- we'd like some teeth. We know you're the one that takes them, but if you wouldn't mind giving us some too, that'd be greatly appreciated!


  1. Ruth (aka "Grandma")January 25, 2010 at 7:36 PM

    In all fairness to Z, would you rather have soggy baby cereal or a bagel with cream cheese!
    He has experienced the finer breakfast foods....there's no going back now, unless Mommy eats cereal with him...there's an idea:)

  2. My daughter didn't get any teeth until eleven months. I started looking for them eight days after she was born. I think it was like a watched pot.

    Way to go on the standing! It's an exciting time!

  3. No teeth here until 11 months either. If he likes cheerios why not try the multigrain ones or other cereals from the "natural foods" section of the Superstore.

  4. that aunty lizzy must be a hoot! Lucky little guy to have an aunt who is so amazing :) Ikea is great for kids, expecially when you throw them into a pile of pillows ;)

  5. I can't believe the food Z is eating - that's awesome!! Keep it up little man!

  6. Awe- you guys make me feel better about the lack of teeth! I know- i should just stop checking, right?


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