Yummy Coffee=Happy Mommy

Yesterday, Z and I went to visit his grandma and grandpa (my mom and dad) and his great-grandma.  It was the last time my parents will be in the city until after Christmas most likely, so my mom asked me what hubby and I might want for Christmas.  I mentioned a Tassimo.  They're on sale at Walmart.  She said, let's go.

So, off we went to Walmart.  With Z in tow.  Do you remember how much my child dislikes Walmart?  How I could never ever ever go in there with him because he would scream and cry and turn very red and flail?

Well, he's growing up.  He now tolerates Walmart.  Whew.  Thank God.  Because his formula is the cheapest there, and so are the Tassimos.  However, we still do an in and out of Walmart.  I know what I want, I go and get it, and we leave.  DONE!  End of story.  None of this "browsing"...pfffft!  He will accept the need to go there only to grab, pay and leave.  I accept this proposal and adhere to it perfectly.  I suppose, in the end, he is saving me a lot of money- that's a good way to look at it right?

So my mom, Z and I took a trip to buy our Tassimo plus an armload of disks to go with it.  She said to take it home now because we might not see them for Christmas.  YEAH! (about taking it now, not the xmas part).

There was a huge display of them.  My heart felt very happy- now I can have a coffee at home whenever I want it.  I can have a hot chocolate.  I can have a latte.  I can have a...you get the point?  I know I could easily have those things before the Tassimo, but it's not the same.  BT (before Tassimo) I was not making my coffee/latte/tea/hot chocolate in a $100 machine with individual disks made just for my beverage tasting pleasure.  I was not getting the enjoyment of watching coffee pour straight into my very own mug at the perfect temperature for sipping.  As you can clearly see, I need to get out more.


  1. there's something pleasant about making an individualized serving of anything. You can't share because there's only one, so no guilt in that.
    p.s. superstore also has them on for $99.

  2. Ruth Sweet (aka "Grandma")November 24, 2009 at 2:39 PM

    So glad you like the "early Christmas gift".
    Zach was a very good boy in Walmart, wasn't he!
    It always helps to have an extra set of hands, and I love nothing more than carrying him around in my arms!

  3. Just found your blog for the first time. Love it. Completely relate.

    I have a 6 month old, although she I can "tolerate" Wal-Mart now, I have to mentally prepare for a visit there well in advance. I mentally prepare, think of exactly what I need and map out how I'm going to get it. And Wal-Mart during the Holidays is a ZOO!!

    P.S. I also have a Tassimo that I love. You need to try the Chai Latte. The. Best. Ever.

    ~ humps

  4. Glad you love the Tassimo...but what does that mean for our local Starbucks?!?


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