Really? A HE?

This morning we went to the bank.  The woman, after cooing over Z, asked, "How old is she?".
"HE is 6 1/2 months old".
"Oh, really?  A He??"

HE was wearing a brown hoodie with red, blue and yellow dumptrucks all over it.  HE was wearing brown pants and navy blue shoes with a dog that said Woof.

I try to take it as a compliment.  It means that he's a pretty boy- which he is.  But still.  Come on!  You had to question that he was really a he?  Thanks.

I wore my uniform to Walmart.  Uniform = yoga pants and a hoodie.  But I carried my Coach purse.  Just so people know that there once was a time where I looked/dressed differently and almost never went to Walmart.


  1. Ha ha I love people like that. We've had many many a mix up with little Miss A. My favorite was when we were in the community pool, A in her bright pink DORA bathing suit, earrings in, and this man said to his son, "watch out for that lady and her son." Ha! It doesn't matter if she has big bows in her hair, wearing all pink, nails painted, in her girly glory some people are just oblivious.

  2. Isabel (aka "Nanny")

    Well, Zachary's Dad was mistaken several times for a girl, even when he was wearing blue jeans and a blue plaid flannel shirt. He was a pretty boy too. :)

  3. Julia took a really long time to grow hair. I blamed this for the people who mistook her for a boy. But the worst was when she was wearing a pink fur coat. It was very pink. Someone made a comment about my boy. I agree that there are people who just can't get it no matter what.

  4. Zach's friend Cole gets mistaken for a girl all the time. No matter how much blue I have on him or around him (blankets), it doesn't make a difference. I wonder how often I may have unintentionally insulted a mom by calling her girl a boy or vice versa...

  5. Ok I have to admit that I am to that age where I don't look at the clothes a baby has on but I have solved the problem by calling all babies little sweeties or little cuties!! LOL. But my daughter as a toddler dress in all pink with bows in her hair was called a cute little boy. Made me mad told her dad about some dumb blind fool thinking she was a boy......... LOL

  6. From all of the comments I am going to assume that people out there are just dumb. LOL! Seriously- PINK FUR, BOWS, people are so funny!


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