Put Up Your Dukes: Fighting The Flu

I have been a teacher for 7 years.  Every year, around this time, my classroom size shrinks.  NO- it's not a reflection of my teaching skills (I think...).  It's Flu Season.  It hits us every year and this year is no different...except with a twist for me.

As a new mother I am especially fearful about what the flu can mean for a child under 1 year old.  This year, with the added scare of the H1N1 virus, flu season seems even more top-of-mind.  I have had more conversations about the flu then I think I ever have!  Haven't you??

As a result, we have taken some serious precautions in our house.  With the plethora of mis-information out there (do your homework people!), the Ontario Ministry of Health has taken some amazing steps to ensure that the people of Ontario have the right information to help them make the right decisions for their families.

We here at Sleeping Is For Losers are taking all the necessary and logical precautions to ensure that the flu virus (including H1N1) doesn't enter our home this year.  Good hand washing (yes, that's why my hands are so cracked!), disinfecting common surfaces in our house on a daily basis, disinfecting the baby's toys on a weekly basis (or more if he's had some drooly friends over- Cole, I'm talking to you!), avoiding large crowds with the baby whenever possible (especially because people seem to LOVE to touch him!! GRRR).  The list could go on!  If you'd like a complete list of common sense ways to avoid the flu in your home, check HERE.

But, if you are a new mother like me, you probably worry a little more then the average bear.  Just saying...I check my son about 5 times a night while he's sleeping because he ISN'T up and disturbing my sleep...sound familiar?
The Ministry of Health in Ontario has saved me again.  Check out this link  as a way to assess whether you or your child could possibly have the flu- I've check it numerous time because that's how I am.  I run through the questions and breathe a huge sigh of relief.  New moms, heck even seasoned moms, need tools like these!

Choosing to vaccinate yourself and your children is absolutely a personal choice.  But if you choose to, and live in Ontario, you can visit HERE for vaccination clinics across Ontario.  Vaccinations are now available to all Ontarians.

I look at flu prevention like I look at baby-proofing (which we are in the throes of in my home).  Use your common sense, but arm yourself with as much GOOD information as possible.  Use your resources and seek advice from other moms...
I'm participating in the Mom Central Moms Fight the Flu blog tour.  So let me ask YOU- HOW do you put up your dukes and fight the flu at your house??????


  1. Good info- I'll have to take more times to follow those links and read up on the flu.
    We use garlic in our house a lot during flu season. I think it works.

  2. As the mom of Zach's drooly friend we're doing similar stuff. I have Toy Tuesday...that's the day all toys get cleaned & laundered. And vinegar has become my new favourite for disinfecting. But we're used to this (Cole's dad is immunosuppressed). "Flu season" for us is year round and believe me, following all those tips really will keep you healthy.

  3. Good idea Lori- I should have a toy day as well. And I agree- vinegar is our best friend. I wonder if there is anything else people can use to disinfect toys, etc?

  4. I don't have kids to worry about, but we've all been washing our hands at work, hand sanitizing and wiping down shared surfaces. Two people in my office have had swine flu (and one had regular flu) but so far the rest of us haven't been affected.


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