Bootcamp Kicked Butt- Week 3

Dear Camille (also known as my Bootcamp Instructor),

Last night you kicked my butt, and my thighs, and my bis and tris.  And my abs.  You kicked everything I had.  And you laughed and smiled the whole time.  Evil:)  But amazing!,

Bootcamp was once again amazing last night.  Even thought I had a hysterical baby as I was running out the door, I was excited to get to bootcamp, and not disappointed again!  The thing that I really love about Bodysculpt Bootcamp classes is that they are different every single week.  I can't get bored because we never really do the same thing.  Which is perfect for someone like me, who has always exercised in relatively the same way and really needs something different to get my butt in gear.

This week we did a lot of partner work- which is pretty different for me.  Jump squats, front and back lunges, sit squats, dips off of our partners legs...Camille, you are really teaching me that using my own body weight (especially all this extra weight...haha) is an amazing way to work my muscles back into shape.

My favourite (and most evil) exercise was when one person had to go into a squat position against the wall while their partner did dips...using the squaters legs.  ArGGGGGG!  Killer- on both ends.  Wall squats are hard enough for me, let alone having someone doing dips off of them!  Second favourite? The ab work!  I really need ab work- more then the average person I'm sure, so the partner leg lifts that we did were an amazing workout.  I feel it today! Trust me!

So Camille, and anyone else reading, thank you for killing me last night.  I was a ball of sweaty messiness once the class was done.  Today, I hurt all over.  Everywhere.  But once again, it's that good hurt.  The one that makes you want to go for a long jog and do some good stretching afterwards.

And thanks again for kicking my butt with a smile and never letting me get away with doing less then my best!!


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  1. Bah! Making my butt hurt thinking about it!


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