Wild Night!

I think Z has a snotty nose cold. 
He was really sleepy on Saturday night- we were having a dinner party and he fell asleep before anyone even got here.  Too bad- he had the cutest pj's on!!!
Anyway, he slept pretty well through the night- from 6pm until 8am.  He NEVER sleeps that much, so I viewed him with a suspicious eye...I knew something wasn't quite right.
On Sunday, Chris headed out to a Raptors game for the day, so Z and I settled down to play, eat, walk, etc...  But it was quite the picturesque day I imagined.  The child refused to nap.  All day long.  He maybe managed 1/2 hour nap while we were on a walk, but that was it.  I was in histerics, He was in histerics.  It wasn't a good scene.
I thought he might have a good sleep on Sunday night, because of the no naps and all.  But I was wrong.  He was up- all night.  ALL NIGHT!  I think I managed *maybe* an hour or two of sleep.  He probably got about 4 hours in total.  His nose got stuffier as the night wore on and his desire to sleep got less and less.  In fact, at about 2am, he was so wide awake I was considering his jumperoo, just to tire him out. I didn't, but I heavily considered it!
So, today, there is not enough coffee/Diet Coke in the world !!  Thank God for Sarah B, who brought us my favourite Starbucks blend (Christmas Blend)- I made a huge pot and plan to drink the entire thing today!  I am suprisingly not exhausted.  And Z is not shockingly exhausted.  I'm hoping he catches up on some sleep today- although I am not above throwing him in the carseat and driving around for hours if it helps him sleep.  I'll make a stop for McD's fries...then coffee...then ice cream?  It could be a fun day:)


  1. Ruth Sweet (aka "Grandma")November 30, 2009 at 3:39 PM

    Ahhh...poor baby Zachary & poor Mommy!
    The "driving around in the car" idea is a good one...it always worked for you!
    *hugs* & xxx

  2. poor you!!! how awful. I hope tonight it better. You should get the Triaminic vaporizor. Its a mini fan and you put vapor sleeves in (cherry scent!) and it really helps with the conjestion. add a humidifiar too.
    good luck!

  3. Ugh! That made me feel tired reading it! Hope you all get some sleep tonight.

  4. Update- 8:30pm...baby is up and crawling laps around the living room...thinking we're going to have the same type of night...think of me;)

  5. Thought of you & Zach all night Sarah - hope you both got some sleep. And I've seen more of the country driving a snoozing Cole around then I ever thought I would - worked wonders for him too!!


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