Wednesday Confessions

I've only got two confessions for you today but, boy, do they make me look super duper AWESOME.

  • Last week, I took my kids to skating (that's not the confession). It's a mad rush to get the kids dressed in an overcrowded dressing room and on the ice within 10 minutes of them getting out of school. But I did it! PHEW. I was very proud of myself, watching my kids skate circles around the other kids on the ice. But as I was standing there in all my glory, so very very very proud of my abilities as a mother, one of the coaches skated up to the glass and announced (very very very loudly) "Ma'am, I need you to meet me at the benches. Your sons skates are on the WRONG FEET." Yes, that's right, in my rush to put their skates on I had mixed up their skates (they're a size apart) and put two right feet on one child and two left feet on the other. Already feeling like a complete moron, I was then joined by my two sons on the benches and not one, not two, but THREE skating coaches and a couple of parents who were standing nearby, all offering to help me change my kids skates. Obviously because I was too dumb to get it right in the first place.

  • Just a few nights ago, I was teaching my 6 year old how to subtract. He was getting a bit frustrated with counting backward, constantly missing the correct answer by just one answer. He had a bit of a hissy fit near the end of our work and took off upstairs to get ready for bed. About half an hour after he had gone to bed I went downstairs to clean up the kitchen and found just the sweetest love note from my first grader.  Sometimes, being a mom is the best!


  1. I'm loving these posts! They're so funny because we've all been there or can imagine the same things happening to us. On the plus side - great spelling, letter formation, spacing, and use of punctuation! Way to go mom!

  2. Omg love it! My daughter did something similar made a picture that said "Bad Mom" was suppose to be Dad and Mom lol!

  3. So great. So real. We've all been there one way or another...


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