Raw Vegan Lifestyle: A Look Back

Two years ago I became fascinated with the raw vegan lifestyle. I can't recall exactly why I became interested in it (I really love food) but I did and I embarked on a month long journey into watching YouTube vlogs and reading every book and blog I could find.

In the end, I decided that I would try 5 days of a complete raw vegan lifestyle and I would document it on YouTube. 

Check it out:

Raw Vegan Diet- Day 1 of 5
Raw Vegan Diet- Day 2 of 5
Raw/vegan diet: Day 3
(I'm not sure where day 4 went...)
Raw Vegan Diet: A Wrap-up

Now, I mention this because I am getting ready to embark on a brand new "adventure" that will see me trying a brand new "diet" (I'm using that term really loosely) that caught my eye right before Christmas.

If I'm to be totally truthful, my working life (while awesome) has seen me sitting way more than moving and I have managed to put on some weight that Im just not comfortable with- about 10 extra pounds to be exact. And, as part of my job includes television appearances, that 10 extra pounds multiplies to 20 extra pounds and suddenly I've got an at-risk chin and my trademark dimple is disappearing into oblivion! 

I feel like it's a good time to do something a little different, switch things up, and focus on eating because I'm hungry and not because I am bored or tired or angry or sad or happy or any of the other reasons I eat:)

I'll be telling you all about this new adventure next week, but in the meantime, here's a hint:

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  1. You come from a long line of potato lovers...those Irish love their potatoes, potatoes, potatoes! Boy that song is catchy! Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes!


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