The Year of the Blog

I can't wait for this new year.


It's a fresh start with renewed focus and refreshed and revised goals.

One of those goals I'm going to share with you, my online community.

I'm making 2016 the Year of the Blog.

Ok, let's backtrack a bit. In 2009, I began Sleeping is for Losers. As a new mom it was the most amazing creative and emotional outlet. This corner of the internet grew and provided me with so many opportunities. But I lost focus somewhere along the way. I began to shift my attention from this blog to other people's spaces. I wrote for others (and it was amazing!!!!) again and again and in doing that I left this space - the one I had lovingly created and grew - to wither and almost die.

I love writing for others. I love the opportunities that this space has afforded me. I've been a columnist and television host. I've written for online and print publications that I admire (I still can't believe that I've had those opportunities!!!) and been paid for it. But it has also stripped me of my passion for writing about my thoughts, my experiences, my dreams and my hopes. It has stopped me from growing this space and exploring opportunities that will come from simply being me!

And so, 2016 is the year I commit myself to growing this blog. To writing regularly in this space again, to sharing my thoughts and experiences, to engaging, to simply allowing myself to explore what can come when you focus a goal and have a strong vision.

In the next months you'll see the look of this blog change (yeah!), you'll see the introduction of some vlogs (video blogs), and you'll see some synergistic partnerships that I am committing to embracing.

I hope you'll stick with me and help me grow. Tell me what you like, tell me what you don't like, be honest and open (just like I promise to be with you!). Even better, keep me accountable - if you don't see me writing or making changes, call me out on it! 

I'm so excited to see what this year will bring! HERE WE GO!

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