When Martin Slept Over...

We had a very special guest at our house last week.

Meet Martin:
Sadly, there was no seatbelt for Martin. Don't worry, though, Z held on to him EXTRA hard.

As reward for good behaviour at school, my 4 year old got to have Martin as our sleepover guest for one night (he's the second student at school to "win" Martin- something he told me and everyone we came into contact with!). Martin usually lives at school, so it was an honour for Z to have him at our home.

Z takes everything quite seriously and his task- to make Martin feel welcome and happy in our home- was one he took extra seriously!

In order to show Martin a good time, we went on a (chilly) walk:

brrrrr- he needs a jacket!

Then we visited the library because Martin needed to know that "books are the best and the library is free":

Then we made blueberry muffins. Martin liked to help stir:

Then he watched and waiting impatiently:

(Who cleans at this house?? Look at that dirty oven door!)

 And since the muffins took 20 minutes to bake, Martin watched some TV with his buddies:

Scooby-Doo for the win!
Muffins done! Martin, Z and W loved them!:

Notice W? He spent most of "snack time" trying to steal poor Martin's muffin!
 Then Martin helped out with our household chores, including throwing out the recycling:

After bath time (Martin sat out of that one!), the boys all played charades:
He's a dog!
And then had an epic dance party!:

Then it was time for Martin's favourite book - Goodnight Moon- read by daddy and Z:

And then a really, really, cuddly, good night's sleep:

He's the cutest sleeper!
Thanks for hanging out with us Martin! It was sooooooooo much fun:)

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  1. What a wonderful way of teaching students to welcome guests into their home! Three cheers for Martin!


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