Eating Raw(ish)- Day 3 of 5

I woke up feeling good again. A little more hungry this morning, but not starving and certainly not craving anything:)

Down another 2 pounds (that totals 3 pounds in 2 days).

Today was a busy day though. I was on TV to discuss a daycare in Canada that had fined a mother $10 and fed her child some Ritz crackers as she did not provide a "grain" her child's lunch. Ridiculous.

Of course, between working and mothering, food was not a priority.

BUT I didn't stray from my raw/vegan lifestyle one bit!

Check out Day 1 and Day 2 of my raw/vegan experiment!!!


One banana, sliced
Half package raspberries
Coffee (not raw, not organic, but necessary and yummy)

One pear, sliced
Handful raw almonds
One homemade Larabar (sadly, my family ate most of them so I'm going to have to whip up another batch)
Half a honeydew

Handful of walnuts
* I should have done better here but I was on the go and this is what I ate*

One homemade Larabar


BIG salad full of avocado, cucumber, carrots, red pepper, raw pumpkin seeds and red leaf & romaine lettuce. Squirted some lemon juice on top.

Water to drink

Night Snack
I am hungry and grumpy:(  I know I under ate a bit today, due to some last minute running around. 

Half pomegranate
Peppermint tea


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  1. I swear I just commented on this post. goodness my computer does not like blogger! Sorry if this end up being a duplicate comment.

    I too get crazy headaches if I under eat, and I'm not even doing anything raw/vegan. I hope today goes better for you! Also, I love how casual you are in that video, all "no big deal, I did a live TV news segment today", you rock lady!

    As for the pineapple, they are super easy to cut (look up a youtube video if you need help, thats what I did!), tip, lay it on its side in the fridge for a while before cutting it, it will let the juices redistribute throughout the entire thing


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