Just doing the best we can...

We're sick. Very, very sick. Husband=sick. Wife=sick. Baby=sick. Only our (ALMOST) 4 year old has escaped the plague that has imposed itself on our home...or brought it home to roost. That's more likely.
We're not sick in this picture, but apparently my husband is not into fun, we look like crap self-portraits.
So I put up this one, in which we look tired but human. I assure you we do not look human at home.

The hardest thing about being a parent and being sick, is just that. It is nearly impossible to parent and be sick. It is nearly impossible to be patient and kind and cook nutritious meals and be caring while you're wiping snot by the bucketful and wishing you could curl up in a ball and never wake up.

So I'm giving myself a break. I wish I could be a super mom but this week it's just not happening. I've still worked (my amazing work-at-home job) but I asked for a replacement to attend a meeting on Tuesday night (thank God someone jumped at it!). I've made crackers and cheese a staple. I've let them drink gallons of juice (they need something, right??) and I've let all the TV watching just slide. I don't care what they wear (as long as they're clothed) and I've made bathing necessary and LONNNGGGGGGGGGG, as I lay on the floor of my ensuite and watch and listen to them splash around. I put on makeup and non-sweat pant clothing only to do the school drop-off/pick-up. Everything else? It's sliding.

Being sick is tough on everyone. But it's especially tough when you have a job that doesn't ever stop. So heads-up sick moms and dads. We're all just doing the best we can out there. And our kids love us for it (right? Tell me they do? RIGHT?).


  1. It's definitely tough, but we surge on like the get 'er done 'bots that we are.

    I think you're doing a great job, but I have to ask...eye make-up and clothes for drop-off/pick-up? Girl...get on the PJ train...you're doing way too much! ;0)

    1. Haha. I mean, when I say makeup I'm talking mascara. And a tad bit of coverup on my sickness zits. I have put on the exact same jeans and boots for every pick-up/drop-off.:)

  2. Feeling your pain. Hope everyone gets better soon. And hey, the kids probably think of this time as a vacation, so let 'em enjoy it! ;) They love you more for the time you take off from the rules and let them chillax (did I just write that? Chillax? Really?)

    1. Yup, you totally said CHILLAX! lol. Zach, specifically, is having a blast:) He's loving 'buffet' style dinners.


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