Dream Room Makeover

When my husband and I bought our home two years ago, I was 8 months pregnant with our second son. And super grumpy. And in no mood to redecorate.

And you know what? Our house was perfectly fine the way it was painted. Our furniture fit just fine, the colours were not exactly what I would choose but they certainly were not awful by any means. Everything just worked.

Nonetheless, I have spent the past years hoping that we would be able to find the time/money to redecorate our bedroom and create the master bedroom of my dreams...we have been homeowners since 2006 and I have yet to decorate one room exactly the way I would love it.

Enter March Break and my lovely husband, who agreed to take the week off while I took the kids to my parents- all so he could work his butt off to give me the master bedroom of my dreams. Armed with a $1,000 budget and strict instructions from yours truly, Chris really gave me the bedroom I have been dreaming of! I never bought into that "your master bedroom should be a sanctuary for you and your spouse" but now...

The Before:

Our master bedroom was a purple/grey colour that had literally become a dumping grounds for everything we needed to store in our house. Beautiful bedside lamps (from HomeSense) and a decent bed/night tables but everything else was expendable.

Purple walls- not my husband's dream...

My junky old dresser- filled with crap:)

Kids toys, left over Christmas junk.. this picture makes us look like Hoarders: The Beginnings


Our room was painted Spider's Web (a very light grey), with new dijon bedding from Urban Barn

A close-up of the textured wall paper (Martha Stewart) behind our bed. It's stunning in real life... wish it translated better on camera.

A sunny, bright vignette. (pictures & drapes from Home Sense; curtain rods from Martha Stewart)

An antique dresser and chair fill the space that junk once occupied.

My old dresser gets a facelift with a new mirror (Home Sense) and some pretty accessories. 

 I just could not be happier with how the room looks. It has the bright, sunny, hotel room feeling I was looking for- a place to relax, watch tv and feel truly rested. What's better? We came in under $1000 and were able to paint our master ensuite and replace the lighting fixture! A true room facelift:)


  1. This is so nice. The furniture is so nice.

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  2. That looks gorgeous! I especially love the new bedding, and the textured wallpaper is beautiful too (although I must say wallpaper scares me!)

    1. Wallpaper scares me too. This is so easy to apply (and take off) and it's paintable!! I was kinda shocked at how luxe it makes the room look!!!

  3. Your bedroom is so much brighter than before, Sarah. I've noticed that you don't have many stuff in your room, which is good because it made the area look spacious. Anyhow, I like your choice of colors. The sunny yellow shade you used on your bed cover and pillow, the flower, and wall art designs matched well with your wooden furniture. This makeover proved that you can give your bedroom a fresh setting. This room was really just waiting for you to make a move! :)


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