We're back from VEGAS!!!
Despite dropping close to $3,000 in three days (GULP! I know, I know, and we don't even gamble!), I would say that this was the BEST trip my husband and I have ever taken. We spent our time eating at fantastic restaurants, seeing shows ('O' was phenomenal!), having a few drinks, dancing, and lounging by the pool. It was constant sensory overload, constant entertainment, and constant fun. Exactly what these two parents needed! Our My motto for the trip was YOLO (you only live once- clarification necessary for my mom) so we just did whatever we felt like, whenever we felt like it...and it was great!

I'm feeling tired (STILL) and lazy (OF COURSE) so I simply uploading a smattering of Vegas pics to my Sleeping Is For Losers Facebook page- check them out:)

The best part, though, was how good I felt. If you have been following my blog, you know that I had challenged myself to lose some of that baby weight before heading off to Vegas. I credit Tone It Up with so much of my motivation and success, and thought I'd share my before/after photos:

Before (post pregnancy)


I lost a ton of inches and pounds after really focusing on eating CLEAN and GREEN and working out on a VERY regular basis. I'm not a Tone It Up spokesperson but I think they provide exactly the right kind of motivation, excellent (free) online workouts and eating ideas, and support whenever you need it!

My new goal is 10 more pounds before Christmas, which would take me back to my PRE-BABIES weight... and I'll be publicly humiliating myself on my blog to make sure I follow through;)


  1. YOLO. Thank you for the clarification! You look fabulous and I'm so glad you had a great time together!!

  2. You look so amazing Sarah! Glad to hear your guys had a wonderful time. Vegas has been on my list for a long time. Seeing your photos makes me want to book a flight right now. YOLO, right? haha maybe I'll take a delayed gratification approach and post about my journey to save enough money to pay for a trip in cash. ;)


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