Our Weekend(s) In Photos

Through The Eyes of a Three Year Old (& occasionally a one year old)

Although I was unaware, Zach (my 3 year old) stole my camera this past weekend (or so, I'm not even sure when he came to possess my camera). The following is our   life through the eyes of a 3 year old (and occasionally a one year old, as there is the occasional picture of Z that he couldn't have taken by himself!)

Our impromptu WELCOME SUMMER party- complete with friends and a cake. His face is so cute, right?

Um, ok. He always gets my best side.

Happy Boy.

This is actually the best picture I have ever seen of William and myself. 

This is what most pictures look like of Will and myself.

AHOY! Pirate Zach at his brother's first birthday party.

First time with cake. Verdict=delicious!

Party Balloons

He's one.

Balloon boy.

This was a popular subject, apparently.

Sad baby.

Balloon masacre.

Balloon closeup.

This is our trashcan. I really like the lighting in this one;)

Kitchen cupboards.

Kitchen table through a 3 year old eyes.

My feet. Interestingly, I have had these pants for almost 8 years (that is of no importance to this picture however). I am pretty sure this picture was taken when I discovered that Zach did, indeed, have my camera despite denying it for days and I was storming toward him.

Crazy boy.

Cute baby. 

Dazed baby.


  1. Wow. Will looks SO different since I last saw him, which was when?

    1. um, ya, when indeed. Must remedy this, no? He is changing every day- and talks non-stop. NO ONE is quiet in this house!

    2. Definitely! Long overdue.

  2. Unrelated: my captcha for my last comment was "Inadick"


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