Protein Pancakes: The Video

I'm going to share my favourite meal with you- protein pancakes.
I eat them for breakfast, for lunch, and for dinner. They are delicious, nutritious (but I'm not a nutritionist or a dietary professional, fyi) and easy to make. My older son (Z, who is three) loves them as well, although I often leave out the protein powder if he is going to partake. 

Things you will learn from this video:
  • how to make protein pancakes
  • i am awful at holding a flip video camera and talking and cooking. 
  • will jabbers in the background almost the entire video
  • i have a cold
  • my kids are super cute
  • we almost spill the Magic Bullet twice
  • although it looks like it, there is no paid product placement for Enfamil or Teddy Grahams

Here's the base recipe:
1/3 cup oats 
4 egg whites
one scoop protein powder (vanilla or chocolate flavour)

Just like regular pancakes, feel free to add in a handful of blueberries, half a banana, or some chopped up strawberries.

Place all ingredients in your Magic Bullet or blender. Whirrrrrrrrrr it up (technical terms, people). Pour the batter into a pan (a la pancakes) and cook over medium heat until golden brown. The pancakes will not be as fluffy as regular pancakes, but they will be yummy!


  1. Oh my....could that Zachary be any cuter!!

  2. Oh my goodness, you guys are so cute. Love the video recipe. Great idea!

    1. you'll have to do a video recipe Kathleen!

  3. Cute video! I wonder if you could sub something different for the protein powder.

    1. I wonder...I just add a splash of vanilla extract for flavour- don't know how to up the protein tho

  4. I actually take in Cheap D3 items these enjoying, for supper, and then for meal. These are delightful, wholesome (however I'm not really an expert in nutrition or a dietary professional, for your information) and straightforward to create. Our more mature daughter (Unces, that is 3) adores them as well, even though My spouse and i usually omit theGW2 items particular protein natural powder in the event that he will partake.


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