Sunday Sanity Saving Tip

Moms (new or seasoned)-

Make sure you shave your legs once a month.
Because after 30 days, it's dang hard to get that razor through the growth. Thus forcing you to use your husband's electric razor and super sharp Mach 5 razor without his knowledge and potentially ruining both but not telling him and just putting them back in the cupboard in hopes that he'll decided to join Movember a bit late and not shave for the month.

Don't ask me how I know. Just heed the warning.

PS- don't worry about shaving for "fun" times either...I've asked around and apparently, after seeing you birth one (or two, or more) baby, the whole "grooming" thing becomes a non-issue.

PPS- vote??? This has brought out some serious competitor instincts in me.


  1. Thankfully I've never been a hairy person :)

  2. How much can I LOVE that your grandma is laughing at this post!!!! As am I.....but when you're a single mom, and potentials haven't seen your need to groom...:)

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