Live Blogging The Bachelorette

I'm not sure how into this season I'll be...but I'm live blogging the season premiere of The Bachelorette, with Miss Emily Maynard.

Just checking out the photos, I'm going with Doug, Chris and Ryan...and really hoping that those photos were just really bad because um, not full of lookers. Maybe they have really great hearts;)

OK, Emily is beautiful- really really beautiful. It gives me hope that, when my boys are older, I can look good again. I mean, not Emily good but good for me. I never looked that good at 26.

Did she really fall for Brad? REALLY? I have a really hard time believing that she was into him at all...

Emily just said PUT ON YOUR BIG GIRL PANTIES. Ok, I love her.

A big of (gossipy) background- although Emily is an event planner, I hear that her fiancé was very wealthy and she (for her daughter's sake I assume) has been well taken care of since his passing.

OH HAI Chris Harrison. Can't wait for the most.intense.season.ever.

And here come the guys. So far- ugh. I'll only mention the ones I think have a chance.
RYAN- there he is. He's a Sports Trainer, has the cutest accent and beautiful eyes. and I think Emily likes him.
TONY- he's a dad and that would bode well for him, one would think...
ARIE- I'm giving him a passing nod because, well, he's hot but the whole race car driver thing is going to be a turn off I think...

We're taking a break from the guys to meet up with Emily and Chis Harrison...SHE IS STUNNING. However, why did she have to name her daughter Ricky after her dead fiancé? WHY?

Back to any guys I find interesting:
ARIE- I'm giving him another look and, um, yes. Big fan.
CHRIS- ok, I think he's sweet. Not super cute but sweet and nervous, which I like.

I'm sorry but so many of these guys are insincere dorks. Just be nice and normal. Ugh. WHY do they have to act like this.

So far, all I can say is that I feel sorry for Ms. Emily. Slim pickings. I'm DYING over this GRANDMA. DYING DYING DYING!

NATE- cute. smells good. keeper.
MIKE- needs a haircut but I think she felt a bit attracted to him.

OH PUH-LEASE! A HELICOPTER IS COMING. Let's all run outside and see who it is. I hope Emily doesn't fall for this garbage.

Chris Harrison is asking Emily how she feels after meeting the 25 guys...I feel like she wants to kick off her heels and RUN. And quite honestly, if you're THAT nervous Emily, why would you do a show that's only about you? WHY?

Now the guys are trying to impress Ms. Em. She likes Chris (CALLED IT!) and his bobble heads. I also think she's into Doug (who I also called from the beginning)...his son wrote Emily a note. Oy. Heartstrings. Pulled.

MAJOR SIDEBAR: I think I like Emily. And I know that some of this reads catty, but really this is why people are on the be talked about.

I'm loving how the guys are jealous little brats about the helicopter guy. What babies.
Cute Arie just tried to give Emily his coat and was DENIED! That, to me, is a bad sign. If I guy I liked offered me his coat I'd take it in a heartbeat.

DOUG gets the First Impression Rose. Um, look up at the beginning of this post. I totally called him as one to look out for!

AND NOW...for the most dramatic rose ceremony in history. (just to keep tabs on the guys I picked before the show started: Doug got the first impression rose, Chris got the next rose and Ryan got the one after that! THREE FOR THREE!!!!)

Well, looks like a few guys who I cannot recall even seeing in the show are out. I do feel bad for them, only because it is embarrassing. But these melodramatic exit monologues? PLEASE. Spare me.

And that's the show, folks. I think I'll be watching next Monday- I like Emily way more then I had anticipated and I'm passionate about my three guys (Ryan, Doug & Chris, fyi) making it to the end:)

Oh, and it looks like the tears are gonna flow. Sheesh.


  1. GOD some of these dudes are dorks! Such dorks! Jef with only one 'f'.... can they stop saying how hot she is please???

  2. I like Charlie - southern gentleman...AHHHHHHH hte name is Charming - prince charming...nooooooooooooooooooooooo

  3. the biology teacher was hot but annoying -

  4. The one that took off his glasses? He better not be as douchy as he seemed!

  5. pretty sure Arie will be final two. She loves racing.

  6. A large of (gossipy)buy D3 items background- even though Emily is undoubtedly an celebration planner, I actually hear that your ex fiancé seemed to be very wealthy and she or he (for my child son's benefit I assume) is effectively dealt Cheap GW2 items with considering that their moving past.


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