Meal Planning Monday

I wrote this on Saturday, believe it or not... it was the only day I could get to the grocery store to get everything we would need for our weekly meals...
I didn't bother to make a meal plan for last week and I saw a real difference in how we ate. Haphazard, thrown-together meals that often lacked the kind of nutrition I would like to see.

For this week, I am only planning dinners. As I get better at this whole planning thing, I hope to plan out the kids lunches as well. We mostly stick to crackers and cheese, pb&j sandwiches, cream cheese rollups, fresh veggies and fruit, hummus and pita, etc... Z (the almost 3 year old) is very very picky with what he eats, despite my best efforts. W (the 9 month old) will eat anything. True story. He's a hoover and can put back ALMOST the same amount as me.

So, this week our meals will include:

Sweet and Sour Chicken with Bell Peppers and Batsami Rice

Pasta and sauce (child request) or homemade mac and cheese if I have any energy:)

Molasses Coffee Marinated Pork Chops with mashed potatoes and carrots (Z will probably have chicken fingers...or left over pasta. He will only eat chicken and NO you can't fool him. I've tried.)

Leftovers (whatever we have) and salad

 Pan- Seared Tilapia (with fresh lemon juice, butter, salt and pepper) and steamed broccoli/cauliflower.



  1. Haha! B calls everything chicken. We go with it. We also try to trick him into eating cheese (he says he doesn't like cheese or butter). Kids are funny.

  2. Sounds great!! Thanks for linking up!

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