Playing Tag

My lovely (red headed) cyber-friend over at Saige Wisdom asked me to join a fun game of tag...and I'm a sucker for school yard games. So, without further ado... (watch out, some weird things happen with the fonts, etc at the end and I don't know how to fix live with it!)

1. Name two tv shows that you must watch every week or record to watch later.
This is the easiest question EVER. 1) REVENGE  2) PARENTHOOD
They are hands-down the best shows on tv and, considering I have a very limited amount of time in which to watch tv I am never disappointed when spending time with either of these shows. (an honourable mention goes to The Amazing Race, of which I have watched every season!)

2. What one food do you never get tired of?
Throwing softballs, Sara. Another easy one- pizza. I love pizza. Mostly Pizza Pizza (which I think is only in Ontario, but I'm not sure) but as a general rule I'll eat any pizza. My sister makes a pretty decent pizza- not too meaty (gag) or cheesy...

3. What is the oldest item you own?
I think it's 'Mr. Bear' who I slept with for a really really really long time (like, maybe until I was 19 or something...whatever, don't ask if you'll be horrified by the answer). He sleeps with Zach now.

4. If you had to pick one place in your town to bring a tourist, where would you take them?
Good question. Um, I think I'd bring them to a place called Heber Downs (where we had our first set of family pics taken, pre-William). It has great trails and little rivers- a fun place to walk with the kids and explore nature.

5. Are you the only, oldest, middle or youngest sibling in your family? 
I'm the oldest. I like to be in charge. I'm very bossy. I like everything my way. Typical.

6. Do you collect anything?
Nope. Nada. Um, maybe dust balls because I hate sweeping.

7. What's your middle name? Is there any special meaning behind it?
My middle name is Joanne, after my aunt. If I had a girl (which I won't now, because we're done)I would have named her Abigail Elizabeth, with Elizabeth being after my sister. 

8. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A doctor. Thank God I changed my mind because, um, science-minded I am not.

9. Celebrity look alike? Who are you compared to most?
I pretty much get compared to any blonde celebrity (for better or worse...sometimes it hasn't been a very nice compliment) but according to I look like:

10. What's one item on your "bucket list"? 
To visit a volcano. I am going to assume this will happen WAY in the future because a trip to Hawaii is not in the budget any time soon!

11. (a) What would your family and friends say is one of your best qualities? 

Gee...I have no clue... um, I'm nice sometimes. And I'm a good mom.
(b)What would they say is one of your worst?
I'm impatient. For sure. And always right (but that only sucks for them and not for me;)


  1. Haha-larious! Love the baseball reference, tv show recommendations as I haven't seem either and that celebrity look alike 'app' is too cool! I have to try it - you do look a lot like many of those gorgeous women you beautiful thing you! Thanks for playing!!

    1. Thanks for tagging me. I'm not tagging anyone else because I am WAY TOO LAZY. I actually don't look like any of those girls in reality but, meh, I'll take it!

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