Mid Week Confessions

Time for my weekly soul-cleansing care of emyselfandi.com...
  • My sister once compared my mothering skills to Tori Spelling, and I thought that was a HUGE compliment. Really. I really think she's a fabulous mom.
  • Z watches more TV then I would ever care to tell you about. I mean, I read other blogs where people write "...my kid knows that they're only allowed to watch ONE HALF HOUR SHOW a day..." and I think- crap, I would lose my mind on my kid if it wasn't for tv. He's 2.5 years old and into EVERYTHING. I need the break of that electronic babysitter.
  • When W was three months old, I decided to do Body by Vi. I WAS STARVING. But I lost 12 pounds in one month. Then, Christmas time hit and I stopped and (gulp) I gained it all back. Every pound. I'm so disappointed in myself.
  • I am pretty happy to let my sister pick out my clothes for me. Someone tweeted that they'd rather just sleep in their clothes for the next day and I thought good idea! I'm too tired to care about what I look like.
  • HOWEVER, I have massive roots right now and am officially no longer naturally blonde. I'm naturally brunette. Too bad I look a million times better as a blonde. Expensive upkeep.
  • I love public speaking. I used to do so much of it- from small groups to large auditoriums. In high school I toured as a speaker with SADD (Students Against Drinking and Driving) and in university I did a few speaking engagements for them as well. My love of public speaking is probably why I got into teaching- but I really do miss those motivational/informational talks...
  • I still have to post my resolution post. It's all written. But, because it has taken me so long to post it, I've pretty much ruined the chances of upholding my main resolution. Sigh.


  1. i totally get being too tired to care. totally!

    great confessions! i want you to invite you come grab a button and link them up for Friday Confessional on my blog, it's a great way to meet more fabulous bloggers!!

    1. Thanks for the invite- will have to check it out next Friday!


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