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Like my tabs? What about the new colours? Some experimentation going on. I think I'm a fan of minimalist blog design...let the words do the talking, so to speak.

Anyway, I have two blog posts all ready to go, but it seems wrong to post them when we've been having so. much. fun.

Z got strep throat. Again. He has had strep throat 4 times. Each time he gets it you would never guess that he is sick. In fact, were it not for a fever of 41 degrees (yikes!) and his desire to only watch tv (the kid likes tv but he likes to play way more), I never would have guessed that he was sick.

Of course, like all good kids, he got sick on the weekend, which meant either the emergency room or the walk-in clinic. Since I'm becoming all doctor-like recently, having watched years of ER is finally paying off my friends, I opted for the walk-in as I was pretty sure of the diagnosis. And I was right. Strep throat it was. And a suggestion that "he may need his tonsils out". GULP! Now, to be fair, both his father & I are children of the early 80s, which means that we have no tonsils (I'm pretty sure everyone born between 1980-1984 lost their tonsils at some point.). But it's still crazy to think my baby might require the same.

As a result, we had to cancel W's baptism. I felt so bad, especially for the minister of the church who had to rejig his sermon and fill "baptism time" last minute. Good thing he's my dad!

In other news, while dealing with feverish Z, W decided to cut a tooth!!!! Hurray!!!! He's almost 7 months old, so he's started cutting teeth about 2 months before his brother did. We should have seen the signs, being second time parents and all, but we were too busy with the sick one to notice the drooly wee one. Forgive us, W?

W has also started giving kisses and saying BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. The cuteness is almost too much to bear.

Resolutions are forthcoming, I assure you. They're worth the wait (no they're not, but pretend along with me ok?)


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    1. Thanks Teena- still a work in progress but I'm liking it thus far!

  2. Horray for new teeth! N is saying Da Da Da (with no relation whatsoever to DH) however.....I'm still so jealous! haha

    1. Ok, I have to be honest, Will has started saying MMMMMMMaaaaaaa. My heart jumps. He has no clue what he's saying but it's still AWESOME! (Z didn't say mama until he was practically using full sentences!)

  3. holla to the no tonsil 80's babies! 1983 me got both my tonsils & adnoids out in grade 2. Saige has gigantic tonsils - no strep throat yet, but I'm sure it's coming.

    I have high expectations for these forthcoming resolutions of yours ;) and I love the tabs, they're tab-ulous {I went for it}.

    1. I also got embedded comments! EVEN MORE EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I lack adnoids too- I wonder what the purpose of those puppies is, considering none of us have them!


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