Life With A Boy

Z is 2.5 years old. It's interesting raising (two) boys when you're a girly girl. The conversations, the things that are funny, the way they play...all different from anything I'm familiar with.

For example- a normal, everyday conversation with Z:

Me: (holding a crayon) Let's colour...what colour is this?
Z: Poopy. (giggle, giggle, giggle)

Me: Z, what's the name of ______
Z: POOOPPPPPYYYYYYYY (giggle, giggle, giggle)

Getting the point? Everything is that comes out of this boy's mouth relates to something disgusting and gross or body related. Need more examples? I thought so!

Me: Time to get ready for your bath
Z: GOOD, my winky-dinky needs air. (huh???)

Z: Mommy, does your poo stink? Mine does. Real bad. Wanna smell? (ewwwwww)

Z: (running around the house singing...) Bums are stinky and pooooopy. Bums are stinky and pooooopy.

Z: I is sad Mommy.
Me: Why, hunny?
Z: Daddy said you don't have a winky-dinky. That is sad for you. (for the record, I don't know why he started calling it his winky-dinky).

Z: (running into my room with an armful of tampons) MOMMMY!!!! These are tails! Why you have tails? Is you a dog? (thanks, kid)

Me: Z what was the best part of your day?
Z: Pooping. Pooping is always the best. I just love to poop.

Z: I the best farter ever. They smell the grossest.

I could go on and on with examples of what I hear all day. The thing is, the kids spends about 90% of his day with me and I'm not teaching him this stuff. I can only deduce that it's innate. That kids just KNOW this stuff is kinda gross and are totally drawn to it. That grossing out their mother.
Guess it goes along with the territory??

PS- Voted today?? only 8 days left!!!


  1. I don't know about it being a boy thing. My little girl is rather obsessed with poop and all things gross too. And she does it to get a rise out of me, even though it rarely does because I know I will then be subjected to even more of her poop talk. :) I think it's just a toddler/preschooler thing. They are obsessed with what their bodies are doing and they need to share it with everyone!

  2. That's so interesting Ingrid! It actually makes me feel a lot better b/c I was like, who is this disgusting creature I've created:)

  3. Hilarious!!!!!!!!

  4. Sounds like my son, I take no responsibility for what comes out of his mouth.


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