Two is awesome.

The age two that is. Dripping in sarcasm. Covered in doubt.

Z is 27 months and, this week it seems, has discovered:
*the word NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (yes, yelled exactly like that)
*flailing on the ground, pounding his fists and thumping his legs
*running away from his mother
*throwing things at FACES (good aim too, not that I'm bragging)
*moving off the (really expensive) time-out bench (which is not meant to be for time outs but has somehow become "the spot")...he used to believe he was glued to it, I think
*attacking his baby brother to get my attention

This is just a short list of the ways my darling redhead has become a devious monster. Yes, he's two. Yes, this is expected. Yes, (in the wise words of my aunt Scarlett) it's not called the terrible twos for nothing.

But, no, I'm not ok with this behaviour. In fact, far from it. Ever see a kid at the store and think "he needs a good spanking"??? THAT'S MY KID! He actually had me in tears yesterday after I spent the morning putting him in and out of time out, taking away anything fun, and finally clearing his room of every exciting thing (including his beloved books) so that he could do nothing when he was in there. I have never felt like such a mean person in my entire life.

And you know what, IT DID NOTHING!!!!! All of that and he still spent the rest of the day acting out and being a regular...well, you can fill in the blanks.

There were moments of fun and goodness- moments when we did crafts together and sang songs and he worked on shaking his butt (he sooooooo cannot do it and it's hilarious to watch him try!!), but in all honesty the whole day just felt like a complete write-off in terms of good parenting.

The main issue seems to be when W, his 8 week old brother, is awake or needs my attention. It appears that it took this long for Z to understand that W is staying here...and Z is none too happy about having to suddenly share all the exciting attention he was used to.

Oh two, how awesome of an age you are. How I long for the days when this was as much attitude as I got...

Best part of the da

When W woke up in the morning and had a long "chat" with me, full of smiles. He must have had really important things to tell me at 7am:)


  1. It's exhausting. I feel for you. And it will get better...but not before it likely gets worse. Hang in there. You're a great mom!

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