The Best Investment For Allergies- Sharp Air Purifier

I grew up with allergies. Yes, I went to the doctor EVERY WEEK for allergy shots. I'm not nearly as afflicted as I once was, but every spring my eyes water, my nose runs, and I spend a few weeks in allergy hell, completely overtaken by pollen, dust, and the like.
Enter my 12 months, as spring began, I noticed his runny nose, his increased sneezing, his red, watering puffy eyes. After ruling out any type of medical issue, the doctor suggested that he may be suffering from seasonal allergies- the same type of allergies that have afflicted me for years.
We live in the smoggy Toronto area and, while he is too young to technically diagnose, I knew that we had to do something to help give him some relief. Enter the Sharp Air Purifier KC-C100U. A perfect sized air purifier, with a built in humidifying function, it effectively removes dust and allergens from the air in your home, while deodorizing and bringing relief for dry eyes, nose or throat.

The Sharp Air Purifier is highly effective against:
-Mold and plant spores
- Pollen, Pet dander
- House dust mites and debris
- Lung damaging dust
- Bird feather dust
- Asbestos dust
- Cuisine odors
- Tobacco and cigarette smoke
- Over 4000 regular chemicals
- Microbes, Bacteria, Viruses

The best part?? It WORKS! It works amazingly and has made such a difference in my house.

The Good:

-my son & I have seen a significant decrease in allergy symptoms since using the Sharp Air Purifier in our home
-it really does neutralize odours (especially those poopy diaper smells)
-it is not huge, cumbersome or difficult to move
-it was extremely quick and easy to put together
-multiple touch button settings (including air purifying with or without the humidifier)

The Bad:
-I felt the included booklet could have further explained all of the functions and their uses. Luckily, I have used an air purifier before so I had a bit of an idea about cleaning the air in your home from airborne spores, etc... but I think the average consumer could use further explanation

A. MAZ. ING. It is one of the best investments you could make for your family if even one of you suffers from airborne allergies.


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