Nose Picker

People. He picks his nose. All. The. Time. Just jams his finger up there and the more I tell him not to, the more he does. Seriously. My child is a nose picker (or a nose jammer because I don't think he really "picks" for anything).

I'm now trying to ignore him doing it because I think he likes the attention it gets him.

That's what I get for having a boy...

Edit: Here are the pictures of my gold digger. You're Welcome:)


  1. Haha....sorry sarah but keirnan does the same thing....well he just sticks his hand down his pants or should i say diaper....all the time...its good stuff....boys

  2. Well... My little girl digs for gold quite often too. She's 5. She has no awareness of some things being private. Like her boogers. And her underwear.


  3. I just put up some pictures of my little nose case you're interested:)


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